Deal Alert: $10 Coupon


This week at take $10 OFF your order of $75 or more and save on new scrubs, lab coats, nursing shoes and medical supplies.

Plus, all clearance scrubs are currently an additional 20% OFF! Prices are as low as $3.19, but hurry- color and sizes are limited for these cheap medical scrubs.

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Get It While It's Hot!

7872TMG- Medgear Contrast Mock Wrap Scrub TopLydia's Online Clearance Center is full of affordable scrubs; we're frequently adding new products and marking down prices and I want to make sure that you get a first look at the best deals.

Each Friday I'll feature one of the hot products from our clearance center. Our cheap nursing scrubs sell out quickly, so if you see something you love, grab it before it's gone!

This week's feature product is our Medgear Contrast Mock Wrap Scrub Top. Right now you can get this top for only $7.19. This top has five star customer reviews and comes in 10 different color combos (Galaxy Blue/Light Blue) is shown to the left.

Only $7.19: Get it Now!

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Trendy, flirty and affordable!

The Urbane brand has definitely become a much loved favorite! I hear so many compliments on the fit and styles. The Urbane line was created by nurses, for nurses. Founded by Angela and Traci, two critical care nurses in Dallas, Texas. They have stated they had a simple goal in mind, “to offer nurses uniforms that were both functional and flattering,” and they have done just that.

I tend to keep an eye out for trendy Lab Coats for Women and unique scrubs that are also affordable. A well-liked Urbane jacket is the Urbane Short Peplum Jacket. It is very trendy and fashionable. It would even look great with a pair of jeans as casual wear. It is also on sale for the great price of $12.99!

The Urbane Short Peplum Jacket features a convertible collar, top-stitched princess seams front and back, wide waistband with signature button closure, two front pockets, pleats in the front and back, 3/4 sleeves and it is made with 65% polyester/35% combed cotton poplin.

Here are some helpful reviews from our customers:

Teresa from Tennessee wrote "Wonderful jacket. I liked it so much I purchased in 3 colors. Recommend if you like Urbane style."

Gigles from Iron River, MI wrote "This is the cutest jacket ever!!! It is so dressy and stylish!!! Very up-dated!!!"

Have you bargain hunted and found an affordable nursing scrubs? Any styles that you have found that show your personality with fashion?
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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday. Make sure to stop by this weekend; I'm giving away another pair of our new Pro Series Medical Scrubs and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Now here's the news from the week:

Health Care Professionals in the News:Health News:
Blog Posts:
  • Mandatory Nurse-to-Patient Ratios: If It's Good For Califnoria, Is It Good For All?
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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday! Today I want to spread the word about our current sale prices on Red Tag scrubs. If you're looking for quality, cheap medical scrubs than you can't go wrong with these uniform basics; they're marked down to just $4.99 for a top and $5.99 for the matching pants. What do you think of these affordable pieces? 

Now here's the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone. If you're bargain hunting this weekend make sure to stop by our Cheap Scrubs page. It's filled with good deals and everything is under $10.99!

Now here's the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:Health News:
Blog Posts:

Check in on our Top Nurse Blog Contest to find links to some great reading material for nurses, by nurses. While you're there don't forget to vote for your favorite blog :-)
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Looking for a Deal?

If you’re looking for the best deal on medical clothing uniforms at Lydia’s I can point you in the right direction. We recently added a Cheap Scrubs section to our web site and it’s stocked full of affordable nursing scrubs, from Dickies, Medgear, Lydia’s and more, that are all under $10.99 (some are even under $5!).  

In my opinion this top is a total steal. -------------->
It’s only 6.99 ($4.99 if you buy 5 or more), not to mention it has 5 star customer reviews. If you prefer something that’s not so basic, you can also find prints, bold colors and more styles on our Cheap Scrubs page.

So go ahead, stock up on scrubs that are affordable. And if you want to share your favorite deal with other Lydia's customers, you can leave a comment here.

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Must-Have Scrubs at their Lowest Prices

Our warehouse sale is on and all the medical scrubs in our Bargain Outlet are marked down an extra 20%. We have over 100 items on sale, so to make your life a little easier I searched through all of them and found the very best deals. Below are my three must-have pieces, two basic tops and one summery print. The good news is, they’re all under $10.

From left to right: Cherokee Unisex One Pocket Scrub Top, Nu Dimension Stretch Scrub Top and Medgear Seersucker Pink Cherry Daisy Scrub Top

Did you find your own must-have affordable nursing scrubs in the Bargain Outlet? If you did, leave a comment and share your find.

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Buying Scrubs on a Budget

I’m all about finding good deals. Whether it’s clothing, dining or any other purchase I get excited to find something I love at an awesome price. If you’re like me, today’s post is for you; it’s all about finding the best deals on medical clothing uniforms here at Lydia’s. From scrubs coupons to contests there are all sorts of ways you can save a dollar or two. Here are my tips for buying scrubs on a budget at Lydia’s Uniforms:

  • Read the blog and enter our contests! What better way to save money on scrubs than by winning them?! Each month we hold a contest on the blog and the winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Lydia’s. You can enter every month so your odds of winning aren’t bad (Enter now!). And that’s not the only reason to read the blog; we also offer other chances to win uniforms with more contests and I try to keep you informed about the latest sales and deals.
  • Sign up for our e-mail list and you’ll save tons of money. Just for signing up you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off and after that we’ll frequently send you free shipping offers, scrubs coupons, info on our latest sales and more. The best part is you can choose what kind of e-mails you want to receive from Lydia’s so you’ll only receive messages that are valuable to you. If you only want e-mails that contain coupons that’s fine or if you just want to be informed about contests that’s not a problem either. Sign up for the e-mails that are important to you and you’ll be able to save a little cash when you buy medical uniforms.
  • Add Lydia’s as a friend on MySpace or Facebook or Twitter. Every Wednesday I post a deal of the week on these sites and they’re also another place when you can enter our monthly contest.
  • Visit our Bargain Outlet to find a variety of affordable nursing scrubs. This section of our site has over 150 products, so it’s hard not to find something that’s your style. The Bargain Outlet section is great because you can search by size (it’s got everything from XS scrubs to plus size medical uniforms), style, price or brand to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Use the advanced search feature at to search by price. If you’re budget is under 10, search for all items under $9.99 and see what’s available to you. It’s like searching for a deal on the sales rack, except we do the hard work for you!

Next time you’re shopping for scrubs on a budget follow these tips and see what happens. I hope that they help all of you find the uniforms you’re looking for at prices that you can afford. Leave a comment and let me know if you saved any money at Lydia’s and if you have your own budget shopping tips leave a comment and share them with all my readers.

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Designer Style to Scrub Style

The new Performance Collection by Katherine Heigl inspired me to do a Designer Style to Scrub Style post showcasing how similar these designer medical scrubs are to designer workout wear. The great thing about these stylish uniforms is that they’re also just as flexible, comfortable and lightweight as your favorite workout wear. 

Take a look at how similar these pieces are:

Designer Style: Nike    Scrub Style: Katherine
Modern Fit Jacket        Heigl Zip Front Hoodie
Katherine Heigl Zip Front Hoodie
This jacket is perfect to wear at work or on your way to and from. The bright color is an awesome way to brighten up an outfit, but it’s also available in a black if you’re looking for a jacket you can wear with virtually any apparel scrubs. And seeing how it’s so similar to this Nike Jacket, nobody even has to know that it’s part of your medical uniform.

Designer Style: Bebe        Scrub Style: Katherine
½ Zip Racerback Tank      Heigl Zip Front Top
Katherine Heigl Performance by Peaches Zip Front Scrub TOp
This affordable nursing scrubs top borrows its basic elements of style from a trendy workout tank and transforms those elements into a functional and fashionable medical scrubs top.

Designer Style: Fit      Scrub Style: Katherine
Couture Rio Pants      Heigl Yoga Scrub Pants
These pants both offer a contrasting, colorful waist band, flare leg styling and extra comfort. The only difference is that one pair is for the gym and the other pair is for work.

So what do you think of this new Performance Collection from Katherine Heigl? Do you love all the athletic inspiration or do you prefer more traditional uniform scrubs. What are your thoughts?

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone! For today I want to remind you about a few things. First of all, if you’re a dental hygienist make sure to check out yesterday’s post because I want to feature you on the blog! Second, don’t forget to enter the Editor @ Large Contest; the odds of winning new scrubs are awesome and it’s easy to enter.

I also wanted to let you know that all sorts of new items were recently added to our Bargain Outlet. If you’re looking for affordable nursing scrubs or discount medical uniforms that would be the perfect place to start.

Now here’s the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:


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Designer Style to Scrub Style

Last month I showcased bold, daring prints in my designer style to scrub style post. This month, I chose simple solids in flattering mock wrap styles. The mock wrap style is perfect for designer styles and scrub styles because it’s so versatile. Even without adding a print, this style top can take on a variety of looks.  Check out the designer styles and scrub styles below to see what I mean.

        Designer Style: PO Top          Scrub Style: Cherokee Scrubs Top
These two mock wrap tops utilize a rich color that’s perfect for fall- especially when you start to lose that summer tan! Even though both tops are very plain, the simple style works well with the deep color. And you’ll be happy to know that this affordable nursing scrubs top won’t break your bank, but unfortunately the designer style might.

        Designer Style: Aqua Top      Scrub Style: Koi Scrubs Top
          Koi Scrubs Top
Each of these black mock wrap tops add a touch of ruffle to the trim, which creates a nice balance with the dark color. The medical uniform top is also super lightweight so you can be stylish and comfortable.

   Designer Style: Jones New York Top     Scrub Style: Urbane Scrubs Top
          Urbane Scrubs Top
These tops have a totally different feel from the rest. They perfectly combine a fitted shape, adjustable waists and crisp collars for a classy, professional look.

So what are your thoughts on wrap tops? Have you found an awesome style that fits your figure best or do you prefer the more traditional medical uniform styles? Tell me what you think!

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Love the Layers

For work, home or going out on the town, I love layers. I’m unsure as to whether this love of layers developed because I’m cold all the time (it seems my body is incapable of retaining heat) or it might just be part of my style. Most likely, it’s a combination of the two. Regardless of the reasons I love layers; it’s safe to say that at any given time, I’m wearing them (unless I’m shopping-trying on clothes is enough work as it is!).

So when it comes to scrub uniforms there are aLydia's Warm Ups few specific reasons why you can love layers.

1.) Warmth: Add a layer under or over your scrubs when you’re cold. Remove a layer from your medical uniform when you’re hot. You get the idea.
Left:Cardigan Scrub Jacket  Right:Nu Dimension Stretch Tailored Scrub Jacket 

2.) Style: When you can’t accessorize layers are the perfect way to add color and contrast to a look. Make your plain blue uniform scrubs pop with a red long sleeve tee underneath. Add a short sleeve tee in a complementary color under your hospital scrubs for a hint of color that peeks out at the neckline. Or add a plain long sleeve tee under a bold print to balance out your look.

3.) Versatile: Mix and match your layers for different looks. Layer your designer medical scrubs one day, but not the next for even more looks. Layers are a cheap way to expand your wardrobe without spending a ton of money (that must be another reason I love them!).

4.) Simple: Not in the mood for matching? Some of our scrubs do the work for you. There are mock layer tops from Katherine Heigl that look like layers but are really only one top! Or there are tops from Koi that come in sets that include a long sleeve tee and a matching scrub top for the price of one!
Katherine Heigl Vancouver Collection
Sanctuary Mock Layered Scrub Top & Screen Print Mock Layered Scrub Top
Layered Scrub Tops by Koi
     Annie Combo Scrub Top  &   Harlow Scrub Top  

So whether you’re looking for the best way to stay warm while still being stylish (like me), or you need a few new pairs of affordable nursing scrubs to freshen up your wardrobe, layers might just be the way to go this fall.

And if you happen to be in Michigan, like all of us here at Lydia’s, the time to start shopping for those layers is now because fall is on its way!

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Treat your Feet Right

Any job that requires long hours standing, walking and possibly running (depending on the day) requires a pair of good shoes. I’m willing to guess that nursing is one of those jobs, correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s nothing worse than having a bad day at work and the entire situation being intensified by an aching in your feet, legs and back. I know the feeling well. I’ve never been a nurse, but after spending six years as a waitress I can definitely say that I’ve been there. I’ve worn through more than one pair of cheap shoes. I eventually learned that investing in a pair of comfortable shoes that fit well was usually key in making long hours on my feet more bearable. If only I had surrendered to this idea right away waitressing might have been a touch more tolerable.

So I went looking through our shoe selection at Lydia’s to find the shoes that can provide comfort to you during long workdays (and match your scrubs). I found them! They are the Earth Solar Shoe, which have a feature called KALSO Negative Heel Technology. Personally, I think the name sounds a bit silly, but after owning my own pair of Earth shoes I can say that no matter what they call it, the shoes are comfortable! The negative heel technology shifts your entire body weight, which in turn takes some of the strain off your feet. It also promotes better breathing, better posture, stronger core muscles and tighter thighs. Those things sound great to me! In addition to the heel technology the shoes have gel cushioning and arch support. And in my opinion, they are actually pretty cute for a pair of work shoes.

What do you think of these work shoes? Do they meet your comfort needs of a nurse or do you have a different brand that’s a favorite? Let everyone know what shoes work for you!

If you already have a favorite brand check out our clearance selection of shoes because we might just have them on sale!
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