Nursing Shoes Ship for Free at Lydia's

Good news: Lydia's now ships shoes for FREE! You can order your favorite Dansko, Cherokee or Dawgs shoes without having to worry about any extra costs. Comfortable and quality footwear is such an integral part of a uniform; we want to give you a chance to get the best pair at the best price.
sanita claire clog
So speaking of shoes- which brands or styles are your favorite? Do you stick to tennis shoes or do you prefer clogs? Prints or basic black and white? Leave a comment and share your opinion!

Or visit our website to shop nursing shoes now!

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Alegria's “Color Therapy”...

Alegria shoes

Alegria states: '"Color Therapy' uses colors and affordable fashion-forward styling to enhance your mood, while its unique Rocker Outsole delivers full-body benefits by minimizing stress on muscles, joints and backs for all day energy. It is the Perfect Shoes for all ages and professions, such as nurses, doctors, chefs & cooks, servers, hosts, hair dressers, artists, etc, who walk and stand for long hours."

  • Mild Rocker Outsole
  • Perfect Fit Footbed
  • Color TherapyAlegria Classic Shoe

The Alegria Classic Shoe has received great reviews! This shoe features a rocker sole engineered to roll naturally which helps to tone leg muscles, improve posture, and reduce stress on muscles, joints, and back. Patented interlocking footbed system with arch support forms to the natural contours of your foot providing a customized fit. Also the soles are slip resistant. Everything you need in a great nursing shoe!

Here’s a review from our customer Megan from Tucson, AZ:
5 stars
These shoes are made for nurses. The footbed molds to the shape of your foot for perfect support and the rocker sole takes stress off your legs when walking or standing. My back has never felt better! Not to mention, the patterns are very stylish. I will have a closet full of these shoes before long.

Treat your feet, treat yourself... to some "COLOR THERAPY" with Alegria!

*Check out our Medical Supply Store to find stethoscopes, totes, hosiery/socks, lanyards... Don't forget about out Medical Supply Store Clearance section!

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Get away from the ordinary with White Cross scrubs!

White Cross

White Cross 100% Cotton Pear Daisies Top
White Cross
is a brand that has a crisp, clean, professional look while still showing your fun, personal style. They are classics reinvented!

The White Cross 100% Cotton Pear Daisies Two Pocket Top is a favorite! 3 customers have reviewed this top for us and all have given it 5 stars. It always catches my eye because of the bright, fresh colors and super cute style!

This top features a fashionable front rounded neckline, two large pockets with gathering, side slits, set-in sleeves with soft gathers, and princess seams in front and back. It is 26 1/2" long and made with 100% cotton.

Here’s a review from our customer Connie
in Indiana:
5 stars Favorite Top
I get compliments on this top every time I wear it, and I have had it for several months! It is very comfortable and looks great with the grey White Cross pants. It is also very slimming. I also have the same style in white with paisley embroidery, and everyone loves it too!
Check out all of our White Cross Nursing Uniforms here!

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This Just In: New Scrubs for 2011

new_cat_win11Our winter catalog is in and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you! We've introduced new brands (check out the Rampage collection for some stylish scrubs!), brought back your favorites (think Dickies and Cherokee) and filled it to the brim with scrub tops, pants, lab coats, medical supplies and nursing shoes that we know you will love!

Check your mailbox or visit our website to get a first look at the Lydia's Winter Catalog. You can browse the catalog online or shop all new styles now.

And don't forget to check back, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday! If you haven't heard yet, we're now shipping shoes for FREE at Lydia's Uniforms! We have so many great nursing shoes to pick from and now you don't have to pay to have them sent right to your door.

Now here's the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:
Blog Posts:
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Monday Fundays

Anywears Points Shoes in BlackMonday Funday is back and today we have a comfy pair of clogs on sale. The Anywear Points Nursing Shoes, originally $39.99, are now marked down to $29.99 for one day only. These shoes are lightweight and feature a slip-resistant rocker sole. They come in basic white and black, but if you want to mix it up there's also a snake print style available! If your feet are in search of a new pair of shoes, try the Anywear Points Nursing Shoes today.

Don't forget- this low price is valid for one day only. Happy shopping!

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Shopping Days Ahead!

The buzz around the office lately is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Who is going to pull an all nighter and stand in store lines at 3am? Which stores will have the best deals?

In my opinion, shopping online seems to be the best way to do it. You can curl up on the couch and buy gifts for family and friends. With such great deals at Lydia's on hospital scrubs, lab coats and more you should definitely sneak in a few things for yourself! Buy those scrubs that you know you are in desperate need of. Or a new pair of nursing shoes to take off the tension during those 12 hour shifts!

Are you unsure of what to buy for your friend or family member? Ask our product specialists on live chat and they would be happy to make some recommendations. Or you can even buy a gift certificate online and have it emailed right to your inbox.

We want to make it easy for you during this holiday shopping season. So when everyone else is fighting the crowds, log on to and pick out some of your favorite medical scrub brands at some fantastic prices!!!

Also, don't forget to sign up for Lydia's emails and become a fan of Facebook so you can receive special deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!

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Monday Fundays

Today only, buy a pair of Dansko Professional Clogs for just $89.99!
These Dansko medical shoes are one of our customers' all time favorites. One customer left a product review describing these shoes as the "only choice," while another customer referred to them as, "The Best." These nursing shoes are designed to  provide serious support and comfort.  In addition, they look great with hospital scrubs and come in a variety of different colors and fun prints.

For one day only, snag a pair of these clogs for just $89.99; they're normally priced at $119.99. Happy shopping!

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Shape Up for the Cure

Skechers shape-ups are a hot topic here at Lydia's. Our customers and employees both love these comfortable nursing shoes and they look great with medical scrubs or your everyday streetwear.

If you read Melissa's blog post last week you already know about the many benefits that Shape-ups have to offer. But now, in addition to all those benefits there's another reason to try out these shoes. During October, Breast Cancer month, Skechers will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every pair of the limited-edition Shape-ups Awareness shoes that are sold. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation strives for prevention and a cure by providing important funding for research worldwide. Each purchase that is made will directly help this cause.

If you love your Shape-ups then it's the perfect time to purchase another pair. Haven't tried them yet? What are you waiting for? Get your Shape-up Awareness nursing shoes today and spread the word to your friends and co-workers.

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday! If you're shopping for new nursing shoes this weekend make sure to check out our Skechers Shape-ups Awareness shoes. During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Skechers will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every pair of Awareness shoes purchased.

Now here's the news from the week.

Health Care Professionals in the News:

Health News:
Blog Posts:
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There's an app for that, and it's really helpful!

Nurses are busy, busy, busy and helpful medical tools can be a lifesaver! Smartphones are becoming quite the norm and there are some pretty nice apps for nurses out there. Here are a few that I came across:

: A free medical calculator. It helps you calculate a litany of different medical formulas and has some other helpful features.

: A blood glucose, insulin and medication recording tool. It will help any Diabetic patient manage their Diabetes, type 1 and 2 by recording record their insulin and medications in a diary and optionally report these to your doctor every 30 days.

Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
: Helps nurses reach an accurate diagnosis with speed and confidence by identifying collaborative problems, addressing the special needs of specific populations, and linking clinical situations to a specific diagnosis using the latest NANDA-approved list. Also includes NIC and NOC lists.

Pocket Rx Guide: Completely covers FDA’s Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations. It features complete FDA approvals since 1939, 16,466 approvals for 25,881 drug products, search drug name, search active ingredient, 5,095 FDA approved package inserts in PDF format.

First Aid: A small first aid app that gives you quick access to what needs to be done in case of incidents like bee stings, broken bones, burns, and eye injuries. More cases are going to be added in the future.

Nursing Constellation Plus
: Includes enhanced clinical content and a medical dictionary
with full-color images and audio. Recommended for both practicing nurses and nursing students, the Nursing Constellation Plus provides easy access to critical information and tools at the point of care.

Eponyms: Brings a short description of more than 1,700 common and obscure medical eponyms.

BabyCenter® My Pregnancy Today: The most comprehensive daily pregnancy app – from BabyCenter, the most trusted pregnancy and parenting resource worldwide. Simply enter your baby's due date and My Pregnancy Today turns your iPhone into an expert guide for your exact day of pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby's birth, and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.

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Have you come across a helpful app you would like to share?

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Monday Funday

For one day only our Dansko Marcelle Clogs are on sale for $89.99- that's $25.00 off their regular price! These shoes offer some serious support and when it comes to style their one of my top picks for nursing shoes. The sale price is valid today only, so if new shoes are on your wishlist order a pair now.

And don't forget to check back on Monday, September 27th to see our next drastic markdown.

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What is all this talk about Shape-ups and do they really work?

What is all this talk about Shape-ups and do they really work?

Shape-ups nursing shoes have always sounded like a miracle worker to me, claiming to improve posture, strengthen the back, tone/firm thigh muscles, firm calf muscles, improve blood circulation, tighten abdominal muscles and reduce knee-joint stress. So whenever I see nurses wearing Skechers Shape-ups I always ask them what they think. I am pleased to report that I haven’t heard a negative answer yet!
What about people that have had surgeries, back problems, foot problems, etc.?

Shape-ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand. Your heel sinks comfortable into the soft ground as you step, naturally roll forward as your weight shifts to the center and your balance is centered, and easily push off with your toe pad. The improved posture can have a positive effect for many ailments. Many consumers have reported a relief in muscle tension and back/joint problems. Skechers has reported on clinical case studies performed in the US and Japan, check out the results here.
Do the different styles work the same?

They share the same midsole and outsole so they fit and feel the same. There are many styles to choose from. Check out all of the styles here. My personal favorites are the Awareness which help promote breast cancer awareness and the Sleek Fit because the mary-jane style is different than the tennis shoe style and is perfect for casual wear!

A customer review of the Metabolize:
I love these shoes. I wear them at the office and on the
unit in L and D. My feet never get sore anymore and I don't come home with swollen ankles anymore either. After three months of use, I can tell a difference in my posture and the tone in my legs. It does help. They are still so comfortable. Best money I ever spent. Better than cloggs. -Becky NP Irving,tx

I asked Heidi W. who is a long term and trusted employee what she thought of them. Since she owns four pairs I figured she would quite the expert! She said:
To me they are the best thing I could have bought. I wear them because they help with me knees and my back. They have so much support and cushion in them that when I am on my feet all day I don’t feel the hardness of the floor. They seem to make me stand better so that I am not putting stress on my lower back. When I go from them to regular shoes I can feel the pain in my lower back and knees right away. I do have more strength in my legs so they must be building the muscles up. I own 4 pair of these so that I can wear them as much as possible.

I want to know: Have you tried any of the Skechers Shape-ups? If so, what has been your experience?

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Monday Funday

Today only our Nurse Mates Lite Dove Nursing Shoes are on sale for $39.99. In my opinion this is one of our best Monday Funday offers yet. The regular price on these medical shoes is $59.99; buy today and you'll be saving $20. These nursing shoes are lightweight as well as stain and slip resistant. They're currently available in white, black or pink. If these comfy shoes sound like your style stop by today and add a pair to your Lydia's shopping cart.
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Nursing Shoes with Style

Has anyone tried out the new Alegria nursing shoes? I'm lovin' the selection of playful prints that these shoes offer and I can't wait to hear what you think about the look and feel of this brand. Are the animal prints or pink hearts your style? Maybe you prefer a pair of crisp, white clogs. Either way, Alegria has you covered.

Here are a few of my favorites looks. If you want to see the entire selection head to our website and take a look around!

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Sneak Peek for Fall 2010

Our fall catalog will be in the mail soon, but we didn't want to make you wait. We've added a few of our favorite new medical uniforms and nursing shoes to to hold you over in the meantime :-) There are some amazing styles from Koi Uniforms, Cherokee Scrubs and Dickies Scrubs, just to name a few. And even more scrub styles will be available soon.

If you've had a chance to browse these new scrubs uniforms then leave a comment and tell me what you think! If you haven't seen the new styles yet, then what are you waiting for??

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Product Review: Dansko Unisex Nursing Shoes- The Professional

High quality nursing shoes are an essential part of any medical uniform and especially important for those of you who spend long hours on your feet. Do you have a reliable pair of nursing shoes that get you through each shift? What brand/style do you depend on?

The Dansko Professional is a best-seller that receives consistently positive feedback. Here's the latest customer review of this shoe:

I have tried multiple brands and landed on Dansko Professionals a few years back. These shoes actually get more comfortable as they get worn in. The shoes are very good in slippery situations... wet tile floors, fry oil, all in all great slip resistant shoes.

-Kevin D., Virginia

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Get Spring Style in a Scrub Dress from Lydia's

At the first sign of spring I pull out my warm-weather clothing and start packing away the winter sweaters; that’s what happened last night when I saw the weather forecast. After hearing that it was going to be 60 degrees today I immediately got excited and decided to wear a dress to work. Since I don’t wear dresses very often, it got me thinking, how many of our customers wear dresses as part of their uniforms on a regular basis?

I found a few on our site that I know I would like to wear if I had the right job for it- here are my top choices:

Left: Landau Medical Uniforms Student Button Front Dress
Right: Koi Uniforms 100% Cotton Scarlette Scrub Dress

So do you wear dresses to work? If not, what’s stopping you- a dress code, comfort, style? If you do, which dress is your favorite? Do you have a specific lab coat or nursing shoes that you pair it with? Leave a comment here and tell us about it!
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Get a Fun New Style with Disney Scrubs

I love our collection of Disney scrubs and nursing shoes- we have everything from Tinkerbell to Pooh to Minnie and Mickey. They're such a fun addition to any medical uniform- even if you don't work with children.

A few days ago I posted a link to the Birki Maria Clog on our Facebook page and a customer commented about how she couldn't wait to wear the Winnie the Pooh clogs with a Winnie the Pooh print top. I liked her idea so much that I found three tops and three pairs of shoes that go great together and would create fun, stylish looks. Here's what I found:

From left to right: Cherokee Mystical Hideaway Contrast Scrub Top with the Birki's Maria Clogs in Tink Orange Flowers, Cherokee Eeyore Mock Wrap Scrub Top with the Birki's Maria Clogs in Winnie and the Cherokee Flexibiles 100% Cotton Big Minnie Scrub Top with the Birki's Dorian Clog in Minnie and Mickey

So if your looking for new women's scrubs try one of these looks next time you're shopping at Lydia's and let me know what you think!

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Customer Question

Each day in the Lydia’s Call Center our employees stay busy by answering your questions about medical uniforms, nursing shoes, scrubs coupons and more. Melissa, a Customer Support Supervisor, has offered to share some frequently asked customer questions with me so that I can share the answers with you.

Today Melissa spoke with a customer via live chat who was ordering for her office for the first time. Her question was: Are there any special discounts or group pricing available for larger orders?

Here’s Melissa’s answer: Discounts begin on orders of $500 or more. If you would like a discount quote, you may simply place a note in the comments section during checkout and it will be passed on to a Group Sales team member to process a quote and contact you with the amount.

In addition, we currently offer a coupon for $25 off your $200 order, $50 off your $350 order of $75 off your $500 order. If you need to buy medical uniforms for your office or team, keep this information in mind!

Have your own question, feel free to leave a comment here or contact the Lydia’s Customer Service Department.

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