Fun Veterinary Prints for the Animal Lover in You!

Did you know that Lydia’s not only has medical uniforms and dental scrubs, but we Veterinary scrubs as well? We actually have over 50 Veterinary prints available in many different colors, styles, and sizes, definitely enough to please every animal lover out there! A few of my favorites are:


These are just a few of mine, how about yours?


Veterinary Prints!

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Dental Scrubs- What's Your Style?

Work in a dental office? This question is for you! I want to hear which dental scrubs you can't get enough of. Is there a certain print that you always incorporate into your medical uniform or a style that works perfectly in your line of work? I asked a similar question on Facebook and one customer said that the Cherokee Scrubs After Every Meal and Lydia's Uniforms Dental Bug Sky were two of her top prints. A few others stated that they stick to solids in their dental office; Cherokee Flexibles, Cherokee Workwear and Koi Uniforms were all mentioned as favorites.

So what type of dental scrub uniforms do you wear- prints, solids or a mix of both? And what style works best for you?

Click here to leave a comment and share your opinion now!

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone! Another busy week at Lydia's has flown by. I hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend (even if you'll be spending some of it at work). If you plan on shopping for new medical uniforms this weekend make sure to check out our print sale. There are lots of fun scrub tops on sale, like this cute dental scrubs top-->

Now here's the news from the week: 

Healthcare Professionals in the News:
Health News:
Blog Posts:
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Customer Spotlight: Judy, RDHAP

 October is National Dental Hygiene Month

In recognition of National Dental Hygiene Month I would like to shine the spotlight on one of our valued customers, Judy. Judy is a Registered Dental Hygienist Alternative Practice; she provides services to patients in long-term care facilities. I interviewed Judy about her career and found out that it’s a tough, but rewarding job. Here’s what she had to say:

What factors influenced your decision to become a Registered Dental Hygienist Alternative Practice? 
I have been a dental hygienist for over 26 years and the last 2 years practicing as an RDHAP. This has allowed me freedom to practice preventive hygiene care to patients who have little or no access to dental care, to serve the underserved.

What type of schooling is required to become a Registered Dental Hygienist?
A dental hygiene education is a minimum of 2 years, but it can be a long as 4 years. A 2 year program offers a diploma, certificate, or associate degree.  A four year program offers a baccalaureate degree. There are some schools that offer Master's degrees for those interested in education, research, or administration.  An accredited dental hygiene program requires an average of 1,948 clock hours of curriculum. This includes 585 clock hours of supervised clinical dental hygiene instruction.  For a list of all dental hygiene programs in the country you can utilize the American Dental Hygienists' Association website.

As an RDHAP working with patients in long term care, what does your job consist of? 
Every day is varied. I try to stay flexible with the resident patients, the nursing staff, and all the adjunct support staff. I usually have a list of residents to see, but sometimes it is not a good time to visit...sometimes they are in the beauty shop having their hair done, or they are in the shower room, or physical therapy, or in activities. Heaven forbid we disrupt a hot game of Bingo!  Each patient that is seen, their facility chart is checked for their current medical and drug status. I then will see the resident in their room, in their bed, wheelchair, or reclining chair. Complete an intra and extra oral assessment. Chart missing, decayed, broken teeth. Complete a periodontal assessment; perform preventive hygiene services as necessary such as scaling, root planing, and applying fluoride. I try to adapt toothbrushes, and other intra-oral aids for ease of use of the resident or for the staff or family members that may be assisting the resident in their oral care. Then the charts are completed and equipment is packed and moved to the next room. At the end of the day a Resident Oral Health Needs Assessment form is filled out for the residents that are seen on that day. This form addresses the acute needs, suspicious oral lesions, denture concerns that will need the attention of the facility's dentist.

Some days I do an inservice for the nursing staff or an informational evening with resident's family members. I am a speaker that promotes and provides education on prevention of oral health diseases and total health to the public, special needs and senior caregivers, other professionals, and government agencies.

What are the things you love about your job and what makes your job difficult?
I love the people! Everyone has a story to tell. Most all my patients are thankful for the services I provide, and it is rewarding to see the improvement in my patient's oral health and the improved self esteem they have.

What makes my job difficult is the long hours. Takes about an hour to pack my supplies for the day and load my car. It is a set-up time of approximately 15 minutes before seeing a resident, and a tear-down time of about 20 minutes before I can move on to another resident's room. Upon the return to my home-office it is time to unpack, clean, sterilize instruments and equipment and pack up my mobile cart again. Then there is the paperwork and billing insurance and Denti-Cal. Each resident seen takes about one hour of clinical time and the same in preparation and completion of paperwork and equipment maintenance. 

Is there a dress code at your place of employment? If so, what is it? If not what do you wear on an average day? Do you have a favorite medical uniform? 
No dress code, when seeing residents I wear single color scrubs, with a white lab coat with my name embroidered on it. I love Landau Scrubs especially the pull-on pants. I think I have all the colors!  When meeting with the public or giving an inservice I usually wear nice street clothes with my lab coat.

Will you be doing anything specific to participate in National Dental Hygiene Month 2008?
Yes, on October 30th my local dental hygiene society along with dental hygiene students will be having a "Sugarless Shack" at a market night. We will have stuffed "goody bags" with sugarless treats, toothpaste and toothbrushes and floss. The dental hygiene students will be demonstrating tooth brushing techniques, and some tooth fairies in costumes appear! It's a fun time for adults and children alike!

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone! For today I want to remind you about a few things. First of all, if you’re a dental hygienist make sure to check out yesterday’s post because I want to feature you on the blog! Second, don’t forget to enter the Editor @ Large Contest; the odds of winning new scrubs are awesome and it’s easy to enter.

I also wanted to let you know that all sorts of new items were recently added to our Bargain Outlet. If you’re looking for affordable nursing scrubs or discount medical uniforms that would be the perfect place to start.

Now here’s the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:


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Wishlist Winner

Being the curious type, I decided to get the scoop on the winner of our Win Your Wishlist Contest and her new medical scrubs.  

Our winner Christine is a Dental Assistant and she heard about the Win Your Wishlist contest at the Lydia’s Uniforms homepage. She didn’t think she had a chance of winning because of how many entries there were, but it’s a good thing she entered anyway! When I asked her which medical clothing uniforms she was most excited about receiving in the mail, she replied with, “I am really excited about receiving all the new outfits, just because I have been using hand-me-downs from friends, and slowly trying to replace with new. I also have a hard time finding scrubs to fit (both size and style), but Lydia's always has a great selection to choose from.” And when I finally asked if she was happy about winning, her response was, “Yes it will wonderful to have a whole new wardrobe for work, thank you so much.”

It sounds like the new medical uniforms are just what Christine’s work wardrobe needed. Which uniform scrubs will you buy if you’re the winner in our Editor @ Large Contest?

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Unique Scrub Styles

Just over a week ago, we went to Cherry Street Health Services in Grand Rapids, MI to do a video shoot (so we can show you how your peers are wearing our scrubs each day).  It was so much fun, and ended up being a great learning opportunity and not just a day out of the office.  We actually got to meet some of the nurses, medical and dental assistants that are customers (and fans) of ours.  After meeting them, I have to say that I’m a fan of theirs too!  This group was the nicest bunch of people, and best of all, we had something in common- scrubs!  Now, if you know me, you know that I am pretty excited about scrubs.  However, my enthusiasm pales in comparison to the staff over at Cherry Street. The best part of my day was seeing what each person had on, and talking to them about how they add their own style to their scrubs. 

Tauheedah had on the cutest jump suit.  It was bright white and looked terrific on her.  I’d never seen before how this kind of uniform could work, but she totally worked it!  Try bright whites for a super-professional look.  Try them in jumpsuit or dress styling to add a fashion edge, and make this traditional look a little more modern.


Sammy will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have a ton of options when it comes to men’s scrubs.  However, he uses color in a really great way to showcase his personal scrub style.  During the shoot, he was wearing chocolate scrubs with a lime green tee underneath.  The day before, he told me he wore mandarin orange with a yellow tee. Seeing how coordinated his colors was so exciting that I immediately made him go outside so I could get some pictures. 

Wendy was wearing our green Urbane scrubs and they complemented her complexion really well. What was so great about them was that the fit was so good.  You could really tell that she put as much thought into the fit of her scrubs as her street clothes.

Karry had on a really cute print top by White Cross. What I loved about seeing her scrubs in action was that prints can really show off personal style in a way that other uniforms can’t.  Got a special interest, or feel drawn to a certain kind of color or season? Try a print! It’s the easiest way to invoke a little style in your work day.

Everyone I talked to said that one of the ways they related to their patients was through the scrubs they wore.  Sammy said that he’d love to see more team logos and colors for men, in particular.  They're all experienced at putting their patients at ease, and each said that professional and fun looking scrubs make all the difference in the world. So tell me what your perspective is- how do you add your unique style to your scrubs?

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone! Before we get to the news for today, I have a quick scrubs story to share with you. Last night I went to the movies (and finally saw The Dark Knight after weeks of hearing about it!). I arrived at the movie theatre and was Koi Harlow Scrub Topdriving through the parking lot trying to find a spot, as I did I noticed a woman and her child walking to their car and the woman was wearing uniform scrubs. Living a block away from a hospital I see people wearing scrubs everyday and don’t feel the need to share it with you, but this instance was noteworthy because she was wearing one of my favorite medical uniform tops: the Koi Harlow Top. I was excited to see an actual medical professional wearing this top because it confirmed for me that it looks just as good on a real medical professional as it does in our catalog! Luckily for this woman I was running late for the movie, otherwise she might have been bombarded with questions about her designer medical scrubs by a certain Lydia’s Uniforms' employee.

So do any of you have this medical uniform top by Koi? Do you love it or hate it? The woman I saw had it in steel/pink, but I think all of the color combos are really cute and versatile. The cocoa/sky combo in the picture above is probabaly my favorite.

And now, here’s the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:


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Giving Back

This weekend I was thinking about how I should start doing volunteer work. I’ve volunteered in the past, but recently my life has been extremely busy and volunteering was pushed to the back of my mind. Now my life is a little less hectic and I would love to start again.

While I was thinking about all of this it made me consider how many volunteer opportunities there are for medical professionals.  Of course anyone can volunteer, but it’s awesome if you have a specialized skill like nursing that you can use.So for today I looked through some sites and compiled a list of places that you can check out if you want to volunteer.

So if you wear medical scrubs and you have some time to spare, check out these sites:

International Health Volunteers
This site connect health care professionals who are looking to volunteer with organizations that are focused on improving health care, disaster relief or medical education in domestic and international locations. One opportunity that is currently listed at this site is for volunteer radiologists at Mount Kilimanjaro

Doctors Without Borders
This organization seeks physicians and other medical professionals to provide international care.
American Medical Association
The AMA provides information on a variety of different volunteer opportunities through many different organizations. Opportunities that are currently listed on the site include: hand surgeons needed in Peru, dermatology volunteers needed in Latin America and Africa and doctors needed in an Indian hospital.
Medical Teams International: Mobile Dental volunteer opportunities
Volunteer opportunities for dental professionals are available through Medical Teams International. Currently there is an application online available for an opportunity to help low-income, urgent needs individuals in the Pacific Northwest. Short and long term commitments are possible.

Nurse Job Shop
This site provides job listings for nurses and also has listings for volunteer opportunities. It provides links to organizations that offer domestic and international positions for volunteers.

If there are other organizations that you’re involved with or opportunities that you are aware of, feel free to leave a comment and share it with all of our readers.

And if you want to read about how some of our employees here at Lydia's give back, check out this blog post.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the stylish uniforms featured on our homepage. They’re all extremely fashionable and they made me realize that it’s a good thing I don’t wear scrubs because I would never be able to decide which ones to buy!


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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading about everything from spacious nurse uniforms to designer medical scrubs this week.  I love how there are so many new things for me to write about now that the stylish scrubs for fall have arrived. Who knows what I’ll find to write about next week.

Now, taking a break from medical uniforms (just for a minute), here are some news stories from the week that you might find interesting:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:

Opinion Piece:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you’re planning on purchasing any apparel scrubs, lab coats or medical supplies in the next few days I suggest you keep an eye on your e-mail for an opportunity to save a little cash when you do.

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Rachel Takes Cherokee Authentic Medical Scrubs for a Road Test

Rachel & Melissa Discuss Customer ServiceAs usual, my morning is frenzied, and I have to race to get myself ready and things loaded up in the car before my son wakes up.  Since I’m a working Mom, I like to spend time with him in the morning before we leave for the day.  This morning I did things a little differently- instead of checking my closet for what to wear, I grabbed my scrubs out of the dresser (Thanks Lydia’s- and sorry about that stain. I guess you didn’t want these back anyway).  I actually felt like I was hopping right back into my jammies, but was excited about the opportunity to get a glimpse into what goes on in the world of nursing scrubs.  I will say that the scrubs did simplify my morning- I wasn’t doing much coordinating, and if truth be told, I usually spend more time analyzing how colors look against my fair skin than doing my hair.


Anyway, we hopped in the car and were on our way. I have to add here that I was starving because I had to do a fasting lab test after I dropped off Matthew at daycare.  However, I quickly let this go once I reached the lab and had such a fun time showing off my scrubs with the ladies that worked there (Note to employers: you should try out your staff in fun and flattering colors like the turquoise blue I was wearing- everyone was so excited to see it.).  Getting my blood drawn was a breeze, and I enjoyed the camaraderie I shared with the ladies in the clinic, all wearing scrubs.  I even surprised them with some Lydia’s tote bags and a few catalogs, and we proceeded to talk about our favorite items.


The daily manager's meeting at Lydia'sWhen I got to work, I kept an eye out for Leesa, because I knew she was wearing her uniform as well.  Sure enough, she was cheerful as usual, and looked cute in her designer medical scrubs (ok, like a dental hygienist too J ).  Together, we went to the morning manager’s meeting, and everyone was excited to see us.  The entire team caught our enthusiasm, and I think our vibe made everyone loosen up a little going into the workday.  This was one of the things I definitely noticed. I was having a hard time not smiling, and felt more relaxed than usual.  I know that this projected in my attitude toward meetings that day, and other projects I was working on.  This makes me wonder: how do scrubs affect your customer service skills?


There are a few things that I really liked about Cherokee Authentic Workwear besides the great color palette.  For example, the pants have this cool “hip flip” that ensures that they don’t bunch up, and it really helps with fit.  Also, it means that the legs don’t drag on the floor, which is something I’m picky about.  I love wrap styling for casual wear, but often find it cumbersome to pull off.  However, the mock wrap detail on the top was just enough to add a little style, and I found myself sticking my hands in the pockets all day (conveniently located- that certainly provided an answer for me about the styling of nursing scrubs!).


Rachel, Leesa & Nicole Take a Coffee Break (see, not at my desk!)There were a couple of elements of my road test that I struggled with.  The scrub top wasn’t as tailored as the clothes I normally wear, and made me feel a little unkempt overall.  I’m not used to wearing anything baggy, and I also am trying to work off the baby weight, so this was something I was a little self-conscious about.  I looked at Leesa, wearing tailored looking Urbane scrubs, and wondered if she was feeling more orderly.  Also, like Leesa, I was super relaxed and ready to GO, so it was hard for me to sit at my desk all day. 


Always focused on customer service! I was really glad to have the opportunity to road test a pair of scrubs for the day.  I’ve tried on lots of scrubs before, so that I can describe to you how they fit.  However, I’d never spent an entire day in them.  My respect for what you do, and the daily challenges that you face, has only been reinforced.  You need the most comfortable uniforms available so that you can focus on what’s really important- your patient.  It’s my goal to help you find them.


- Rachel


Want to test drive Cherokee Authentic Workwear Medical Scrubs yourself?  Click here to check them out!

Update: The ugly stain was removed!  But I’m still keeping the scrubs J

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Leesa Takes Urbane Scrubs for a Road Test

At my deskI am excited I get to wear my sneakers to work today.  The scrubs I chose are so bright and cheery and I love the fact that I have no “What Not to Wear” decisions to make today. 


When I come downstairs to make breakfast for my boys, they don’t even notice that I am wearing scrubs!  They continue to crunch away at their cereal until I finally announce that I am going to the office in SCRUBS!   “Oh, cool…where’s your stethoscope?”  my oldest asked.  The others just smiled like it was no big deal.  Well, wearing scrubs feels like a big deal to me.  I feel so fresh and bouncy, kind of like I am heading to the gym instead.


At an important meetingWhen I get to work, I walk through the Admin department before I reach the Web Department.  The staff is jealous that they don’t get to wear scrubs too.  I just want to find Rachel to see if she is dressed in her uniform like she promised.  We see each other and laugh, she says I look like a dental hygenist.  I like the color blue that she chose for her scrubs test drive. 


I settle in at my desk and find myself very comfortable.  Although, I have a hard time staying seated because I feel like I am dressed to MOVE.  The scrubs pants are so cozy, but the sleeve on my scrub top is bugging me a bit.  I am the kind of person Always a slave to fashion!that has to wear either long or short sleeves.  The sleeves on my designer scrubs are an elbow length so I am sensitive to the rubbing along my forearm.  Hey, that’s fashion for you…I always make the most stylish choice rather than the most comfortable.  I’m a slave to fashion even in my scrubs.


I made it through various meetings throughout the day feeling much more free spirited than I am used to.  It must be the sneakers…it’s kind of like “jean day”.  At one point, Rachel shot a picture of me standing at the vending machine.  I think the roominess of my scrubs made me feel like I could indulge more than I normally would –LOL! 

Overall my day wearing scrubs was uneventful.  I went about my usual work, drafting emails and looking at reports.  Today I felt like I was dressed for more action.  Our customers (yes, you!) need to be comfortable and suited up to care for patients.  It was good to experience that the scrubs we sell, are ready for you.  Have you test driven new scrubs lately?  Tell us about your experience

Want to test drive our stylish Urbane Scrubs yourself?  Click here to check them out!

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