Get away from the ordinary with White Cross scrubs!

White Cross

White Cross 100% Cotton Pear Daisies Top
White Cross
is a brand that has a crisp, clean, professional look while still showing your fun, personal style. They are classics reinvented!

The White Cross 100% Cotton Pear Daisies Two Pocket Top is a favorite! 3 customers have reviewed this top for us and all have given it 5 stars. It always catches my eye because of the bright, fresh colors and super cute style!

This top features a fashionable front rounded neckline, two large pockets with gathering, side slits, set-in sleeves with soft gathers, and princess seams in front and back. It is 26 1/2" long and made with 100% cotton.

Here’s a review from our customer Connie
in Indiana:
5 stars Favorite Top
I get compliments on this top every time I wear it, and I have had it for several months! It is very comfortable and looks great with the grey White Cross pants. It is also very slimming. I also have the same style in white with paisley embroidery, and everyone loves it too!
Check out all of our White Cross Nursing Uniforms here!

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This Just In: New Scrubs for 2011

new_cat_win11Our winter catalog is in and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you! We've introduced new brands (check out the Rampage collection for some stylish scrubs!), brought back your favorites (think Dickies and Cherokee) and filled it to the brim with scrub tops, pants, lab coats, medical supplies and nursing shoes that we know you will love!

Check your mailbox or visit our website to get a first look at the Lydia's Winter Catalog. You can browse the catalog online or shop all new styles now.

And don't forget to check back, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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A Gift for You!

I hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas. As our gift to you, today only, we're offering 25% off your order of nursing scrubs, medical supplies, lab coats and more at

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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Add Embroidery to Your Professional Workwear

If you love to have personalized style then you cannot go wrong with embroidered medical uniforms from Lydia's. We have over 200 logos to choose from (below are logos designed specifically with nurses in mind) so you won't have any problem finding a favorite; you might have trouble picking just one. We can also embroider your name, title or whatever you choose on your scrub tops, lab coats or jackets for a look that's even more personal.

Embroidery and logos are currently 50% off at Lydia's. Click here for all the details.


P.S. As I write this I'm actually wearing a sweatshirt that was embroidered by Lydia's and it looks awesome!
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Save on Cyber Monday

Black Friday is over and I hope that many of you were able to take advantage of the doorbuster deals and specials coupons over the holiday weekend. How many of you filled your shopping cart full of new scrubs and lab coats? Did anyone leave the comfort of their computer to brave the crowds early Friday morning at their favorite mall or store? What deals did you score??

If you didn't get a chance to shop on Friday, there's still time to save here at Lydia's. Today is Cyber Monday and we're offering you 25% OFF your entire order of women's nursing scrubs, men's scrubs, lab coats, medical suppiles and more at Stop by our homepage to activate this offer. It's one day only, so don't wait!

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Shopping Days Ahead!

The buzz around the office lately is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Who is going to pull an all nighter and stand in store lines at 3am? Which stores will have the best deals?

In my opinion, shopping online seems to be the best way to do it. You can curl up on the couch and buy gifts for family and friends. With such great deals at Lydia's on hospital scrubs, lab coats and more you should definitely sneak in a few things for yourself! Buy those scrubs that you know you are in desperate need of. Or a new pair of nursing shoes to take off the tension during those 12 hour shifts!

Are you unsure of what to buy for your friend or family member? Ask our product specialists on live chat and they would be happy to make some recommendations. Or you can even buy a gift certificate online and have it emailed right to your inbox.

We want to make it easy for you during this holiday shopping season. So when everyone else is fighting the crowds, log on to and pick out some of your favorite medical scrub brands at some fantastic prices!!!

Also, don't forget to sign up for Lydia's emails and become a fan of Facebook so you can receive special deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!

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Monday Fundays

This week our Monday Funday offer is a Ladies' Lab Coat for just $16.99 (that's $5.00 of the regular price of $21.99!). This look is professional and functional, featuring roomy pockets, four button closure and princess seam details on the front and back. A clean, white lab coat is a uniform essential for many health care workers and you can't go wrong with our one day sale price.  Try it today and stop back soon to let us know what you think.

Happy shopping!
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Trendy, flirty and affordable!

The Urbane brand has definitely become a much loved favorite! I hear so many compliments on the fit and styles. The Urbane line was created by nurses, for nurses. Founded by Angela and Traci, two critical care nurses in Dallas, Texas. They have stated they had a simple goal in mind, “to offer nurses uniforms that were both functional and flattering,” and they have done just that.

I tend to keep an eye out for trendy Lab Coats for Women and unique scrubs that are also affordable. A well-liked Urbane jacket is the Urbane Short Peplum Jacket. It is very trendy and fashionable. It would even look great with a pair of jeans as casual wear. It is also on sale for the great price of $12.99!

The Urbane Short Peplum Jacket features a convertible collar, top-stitched princess seams front and back, wide waistband with signature button closure, two front pockets, pleats in the front and back, 3/4 sleeves and it is made with 65% polyester/35% combed cotton poplin.

Here are some helpful reviews from our customers:

Teresa from Tennessee wrote "Wonderful jacket. I liked it so much I purchased in 3 colors. Recommend if you like Urbane style."

Gigles from Iron River, MI wrote "This is the cutest jacket ever!!! It is so dressy and stylish!!! Very up-dated!!!"

Have you bargain hunted and found an affordable nursing scrubs? Any styles that you have found that show your personality with fashion?
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Favorite Tees for Fall

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the cold, so when temperatures start to drop I immediately unpack my winter clothing. I get out my boots, coats, scarves, sweaters and of course all my favorite long sleeve tees. I love to wear comfy t-shirts with jeans or layer them with other tops for extra warmth and I bet a lot of you do the same! Right now we're currently carrying a few t-shirts at Lydia's that I absolutely love. The first two would work perfectly for everyday wear or paired up with your favorite medical scrubs. And I promise that all three are as soft and cozy as they look, so try one out!

Koi Zoe Thermal Knit Tee

Grey's Anatomy by Barco Medical Uniforms Speckled Scrub Tee

Koi Harlow Scrub Top
This long sleeve tee and scrub top come together. You get two pieces for the price of one and they're already perfectly coordinated. And of course you can wear the tee with other scrub tops or by itself.

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A Vision in White?

I’m not one to pay attention to rumors in the workplace until they have been confirmed, but the scuttlebutt at my institution is that our Chief Nursing Officer would like to see all nursing staff to begin wearing all-white uniforms. I’ve heard that one of the reasons behind this is that there is too much confusion from patients about who’s who among hospital employees. Nurse techs, unit secretaries, and even housekeepers all wear nursing-type scrubs, and sometimes the people we are serving don’t actually know which of the people who are coming in and out of their rooms is their nurse.

I’m conflicted about this--for one, I don’t particularly want to go out and buy an entire new work wardrobe. I just had to do this recently when I went from an office setting back to bedside nursing. Secondly, I know there are some folks who take comfort in seeing a nurse wearing whites: to them, it might seem more professional or it might fit more with what their vision of how a nurse should look BUT  there are also those people who truly have “white coat syndrome” and the sight of someone coming at them dressed head to toe in white could make their blood pressure skyrocket!

Lastly, I think one of the main reasons I am reluctant is the whole practicality issue. How is it going to look if we do move in this direction? As neat as a freshly pressed white uniform might look in a photograph, it might not look the same in real life. I’m 31, and I think a lot of people my age and younger don’t own an iron nor do they care to buy one, and I’m not sure how it would look if someone didn’t wear wrinkle-free whites. There is always that argument about showing stains, too. There are at least seven bodily fluids that OSHA recognizes, I think, and I’m pretty sure most of them are not clear. Although, I think in my years of bedside nursing I’ve only had to change my scrubs at work two or three times due to getting emesis or urine on my shoe…but I bet that number would shoot up dramatically if I started wearing all white. It’s just the way that sort of thing goes. And then there are those things that maybe administrators who are, shall we say, out of touch with how things actually work out on nursing units might not have thought about: those nurses who wear undergarments that may not look (ahem) appropriate under white slacks. I’m not saying people do it on purpose. Maybe they forgot they were wearing hot pink underwear when they put on their nursing pants at 5:30 in the morning after being exhausted from a 13-14 hour shift the day before!

I go back and forth. I know it can look awfully nice, and everyone identifies white uniforms with nurses. When I graduated nursing school, I wore a white scrub dress for my pinning ceremony. And me being a frugal, no-nonsense kind of gal, I thought I should at least get some more use out of the thing. I didn’t want it to be like a bridesmaid dress that you spend tons of money on, only to hang in the back of a closet for decades. I wore it to work a few times, and got lots of compliments…particularly from elderly gentlemen, who said it was nice to see nurses still dress like they did in the old days. Of course after spending a 12 hour shift climbing up on beds to pull people over from a stretcher, or kneeling down to empty a catheter, I said “That’s the end of THAT!” So now, it is folded up in a box in my closet. And two kids later, I wish I could still fit into it…maybe someday.

At the end of the day, I’m still ambivalent about how I feel about the idea of wearing all white scrubs. In college, I changed my major about 4 times before becoming a nurse. The first of those 4 was art education. I like to express my creativity and individuality, and being forced to wear a certain color seems like kind of a bummer…I guess that’s why they call them “uniforms,” though. I know we should do what’s best for the patient. But it’s still unclear to me whether this is really best or not.

I’m curious about what other nurses think: have you done this at your institution? If you were told you had to wear all white, all the time, would you like it? Or not?

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Get in Style in Baby Phat Scrubs

"Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons celebrates the diversity and beauty of the career-oriented woman - particularly those in the medical industry. We are a brand dedicated to providing women with certain elements of fashion, flair, and fabulosity in their everyday wardrobe needs.”
- Kimora Lee Simmons

The Baby Phat brand is all about fashion and their commitment to style is apparent in their collection of medical uniforms. With each new catalog I've noticed a common trend from Baby Phat: eye-catching prints and attention to detail (the top to the right is a perfect example!). I think it's safe to say that if you love Baby Phat looks for everyday wear, you'll definitely want to try their nursing scrubs and lab coats. Already own a pair of Baby Phat scrubsLeave a comment and tell me what you think!

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Clinical 1

University Southern Maine Med-Surg clinical 1 for Juniors at Mid Coat Hospital

Submitted by Chris M.

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Win Your Wishlist from Lydia's Uniforms

The Win Your Wishlist contest is back and we're giving away $250 worth of uniforms and scrubs to one lucky winner. It's easy to enter, just log in to your Lydia's account and create a wishlist between now and May 12th, 2010. We'll randomly select one wishlist winner on May 13th and announce it right here on the blog. The winner will receive up to $250 in goods from Lydia's.

This is one of my favorite contests because you get the chance to win whatever YOU pick out from Lydia's. The prizes are all up to you :-) So what items are going on your wishlist this week? Is there a designer lab coat that you've been eyeing or a pair of Merrell Shoes that you can't wait to get your hands on? Spill it!

Click here for the official rules.

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Get Spring Style in a Scrub Dress from Lydia's

At the first sign of spring I pull out my warm-weather clothing and start packing away the winter sweaters; that’s what happened last night when I saw the weather forecast. After hearing that it was going to be 60 degrees today I immediately got excited and decided to wear a dress to work. Since I don’t wear dresses very often, it got me thinking, how many of our customers wear dresses as part of their uniforms on a regular basis?

I found a few on our site that I know I would like to wear if I had the right job for it- here are my top choices:

Left: Landau Medical Uniforms Student Button Front Dress
Right: Koi Uniforms 100% Cotton Scarlette Scrub Dress

So do you wear dresses to work? If not, what’s stopping you- a dress code, comfort, style? If you do, which dress is your favorite? Do you have a specific lab coat or nursing shoes that you pair it with? Leave a comment here and tell us about it!
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Product Review: Dickies Sandwashed Ladies' Two Pocket Top

Everyday we receive new product reviews on our hospital uniforms, medical coats, men's scrubs and women's scrubs. Receiving this feedback is so helpful to us and other customers and it makes it much easier to decide what to get when you buy medical scrubs.

Today, Rachel in Virginia left this five star review of Dickies Scrubs Sandwashed Ladies' Two Pocket Top:

"Very soft, fit true to size, flatering shape, great colors, falls to a good length. I love everything about this top."

Want to leave your own product review? Just find the product your purchased at and click on "Write Your Own Review".

Have something to say? Leave a comment here.

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Nursing in the News

Happy Friday! I want to remind everyone to leave a product review on any nurse scrubs, lab coats or other medical uniforms that you've purchased from Lydia's. Your opinion is helpful to us and other customers- plus we love hearing from you.

Now here's the news from

Healthcare Professionals in the News:
Health News:
Blog Posts:
Have something to say? Leave a comment here.

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Our Customer Service Team Reviews our Newest Products!

Our Call Center has been reviewing our new Spring products to answer all the questions you may have.  I asked each Customer Service Representative to tell me what their favorite products were for springtime. Find out what they had to say!

The Urbane stretch two pocket crossover top is my favorite. I especially like the colors java/seaspray and passion fruit/silver. I love the new colors! –Carol

My favorite is the Demi top made by Koi Uniforms. The Marker print is so cute. I really like the red and black contrast and I also like the neckline. –Heather

The new knit panel ladies lab coat is the best! This coat gives you more room to move and is extremely comfortable. –Pat

I like the new crossover print tops by Lydia’s. These fun tops are great for Spring and are very affordable scrubs!-Lori

I love the new Urbane stretch two pocket crossover top. It’s a great improvement on the original style with a bit of lycra added in the fabric for some stretch. The top also has great new colors. –Kristen

My Favorite would be the Koi Demi top in the print Marker with the pants to match. I love flowers and the colors say “springtime!” They are SO bright and pretty, yet simple. –Latisha

The ruffle top on pg 40 in the Coral Bling Plaid print. Plaid patterns are very much in style this season and you can wear this top with different color pants. –Alicia

The Demi top 134K in the prints Flying High & Marker by Koi uniforms. I just love the large prints. And the colors are nice and bright. –Brynn

The new 134K Demi Koi top is my favorite. It’s so versatile you can wear it anywhere.

Well, it certainly sounds like the Koi Demi top is the winner for best spring top in our newest catalog. But don’t forget to check out our other selections at and tell us what your favorite look for spring is.

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What's Your Lab Coat Style? Cast Your Vote

Click here
to shop our lab coats for women, men's lab coats and designer lab coats.
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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Valentine's Day Prints

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re working on February 14th, instead of worrying about what to wear on a date with your sweetheart, you might want to think about what to wear on the job. Don’t worry though, Lydia’s has you covered. I was browsing through our Valentine’s Day prints and the selection is amazing. There are over 80 products to choose from including print scrub tops and medical coats.

Some of my favorites are below, but if these aren’t your style there are many more to choose from.

Left: Landau Medical Uniforms Sugar N Spice Crewneck Warm-Up
Right: Baby Phat Scrubs 100% Cotton Chains of Love Satin Trim Tie Back Top

Left: Cherokee Multi Hearts Mock Wrap Top
Center: Koi Uniforms 100% Cotton Heavenly Layla Top
Right: Dickies Uniforms 100% Cotton Heartfelt Contrast Wrap Scrub Top

So what will you be wearing to work this Valentine’s Day, a heart print top or your regular medical uniform? Or will you be taking the day off?

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Ask Liza

Q. I am a chef and i wear scrubs to work instead of a white chef coat that all i do is ruin with stains...the colored/printed scrubs hide all the messes and stains, but i can never find any scrubs that have food things on them rather than just medical...So i was wondering if u could create Mad about Food! for all of us foodies who are tired of messing up good clothes all the time. Let me know what u think!

A. Thanks for the question! I think I have some information that will be helpful to you. Lydia's Uniforms has a sister site, Uniform Warehouse, that specializes in restaurant apparel. If you don't like to wear white because it's always getting dirty, we have black and red chef coats available, which are a great alternative to the traditional white (and don't show stains as easily!).Kitchen Scrub Top, which comes in 4 different food prints (the Caliente print, featuring colorful peppers is my fave!), is also available at Uniform Warehouse.  And we even have some food print scrubs at Lydia's, like this
Fruit Salad Two Pocket Scrub Top by Cherokee ----->

Click here to view all of Lydia's food print scrub tops.

I hope that these suggestions help you find what you're looking for. If you need any more information, don't hesitate to ask.

Have something to say? Leave a comment here.

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