Color-Fall Scrubs

As I was driving yesterday I noticed some tress that already had leaves changing colors!  As soon as the temperature starts to cool down here I start thinking of Autumn colors and nice warm comfy layers!! Fall is officially here!  I love the colors of fall- rich browns, reds, oranges and yellows! These colors are perfect for your clothes too!  I always find myself adding more of these colors to my closet once September and October roll around.  Do you match your scrubs to the seasons or do you stick to the same colors year round?


If you like to mix things up like I do (and if your dress code permits!) then check out these top fall colors at Lydia's Uniforms today! What fall colors do you like to incorporate into your wardrobe for work?

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DEAL ALERT: Dickies Medical Uniforms on SALE!


Get up to 60% off select Dickies Xtreme and Gen Flex scrubs + get FREE standard shipping on your order of $125 or more! Enter code SHIP125 in your cart.

Dickies Medical Uniforms on SALE!

*Online prices reflect discount. Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the continental U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Sale ends 10/5/14.

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Pink With A Purpose

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - a month that is dedicated to promoting the fight against breast cancer and raising awareness around the globe. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been recognized since 1985 and has steadily grown since then. Did you know that Lydia's Uniforms carries a selection of medical uniform apparel and accessories to support this great cause? With October fast approaching, now is a great time to order your gear to receive it in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Lydia's Uniforms has a variety of tops, jackets, bags, socks, and even stethoscopes perfect for showing off your support of those affected by breast cancer. If you place your order now, you'll have your new awareness scrubs by the beginning of October and you can wear them throughout the entire month (and of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing them year round!). Check out some of my favorite items below and shop our entire collection today! 

The outfit:

I just love the Cherokee 'Wild About a Cure scrub top!  Not only is it cute, but it's so soft! This print is available in a jacket as well. Pair these with your favorite Cherokee Scrubs Pants in pink or black for a complete look.

The Shoes:

One of my favorite shoes right now is the Skechers GoWalk Strong. Not only are they super comfortable but they are perfect for raising awareness!

The accessories:

I love accessories, especially cups! (I'll admit it... I may have a little cup obsession!) The breast cancer awareness tumbler cup is a must have for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A few other must have accessories I noticed were the Pink Ribbons Utility Scissor, the D'Feed Breast Cancer compression socks and the Pink Ribbon Lanyard!  These will all fit perfectly inside the adorable Give Love tote bag from Koi too.

In addition to wearing pink, is there anything that you're doing in October to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  


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Fresh for FALL: New Arrivals & Introducing Zoe +Chloe!

Your NEW Fall 2014 Catalog will arrive soon, but you don't have to wait - check out all of our new brands and items here!

This catalog features some REALLY fun Halloween Prints along with some new items from your favorite brands like Cherokee Scrubs, Dansko Clogs, Dickies Uniforms, Koi Scrubs, Merrell Footwear and MANY more.

We are also excited to introduce you to a new brand, Zoe + Chloe! This line includes fun prints like Chic Chevron, Whoo Loves Me - but it gets better... These prints are made of soft 100% cotton, have a flattering contemporary fit and start at only $13.99!

Zoe + Chloe Scrubs!

Hope you enjoy the new catalog as much as we do!


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Best Scrubs For Your Body Type

Do you know what your body type is? Have you ever been shopping and found the perfect outfit only to try it on and what you see in the mirror does not even compare to what you envisioned?  It happens to me all the time!  I hate feeling deceived by how an outfit looked on the hanger, don’t worry though, Lydias Uniforms wants to help provide guidance on learning about your body shape so you don't have to deal with that feeling!

The world of fashion is constantly changing with new trends and knowing what to wear to flatter your shape can sometimes be overwhelming.  I've put together a guide of the 4 commonly known body shapes that will help you choose the right medical scrub top and pant combination, while still creating that professional style that is all you. Women are blessed with their own unique features and we want you to love the scrubs you choose and be able to wear them with confidence!


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Halloween Prints Are Here

We have one more week of summer and FALL will officially be here... you know what that means, right?  Yup, Halloween is almost here! I love everything about Halloween - from the pumpkin spice lattes to all of the cute decorations... and scrubs! I don't dress up for many holidays, but Halloween is definitely one that I go all out for. 

I couldn't wait any longer to give you all a little sneak peek at the adorable Halloween prints that Lydias Uniforms will be featuring in our newest catalog 

First up is the 'Going Batty' mock wrap scrub top by White Cross.  This adorable top has a grey badkground with cute bats, clouds and moons all over it.  The 'Going Batty' print top fabric is 100% cotton.  Pair the 'Going Batty' top with your favorite pair of black scrub pants for the perfect Halloween look! 

 Next up is the 'If The Shoe Fits' fashion neck scrub top from BIO.  This top is orange with shoes and witches hats with ghosts and spider webs on them.  'If The Shoe Fits' print top fabric is 100% cotton.  If you have a love for shoes (like I do!) you'll probably love this top!  This would be perfect if paired with black or white pants! 

 Last but not least is the 'Midnight Mystery' Anna scrub top from Peaches.  This top has a pretty blue background with fun ghosts, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, bats and trick-or-treaters on it.  'Midnight Mystery' print top fabric is 100% cotton.  With so many different colors, you could pick a fun color to pair this top with, or stick to black pants...either way, you would look nice and festive! 

Check out Lydia's Uniforms full selection of Halloween print scrubs today!

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A Guide to Caring for your Scrubs

There's nothing worse than wearing your favorite set of scrubs to work and then getting some kind of a stain on them! But in the medical profession, it's bound to happen.  I remember a few years back while working as a phlebotomist, I had finally bought a Dickies scrub pant that I had been wanting for awhile. I was so excited to wear them into my shift that night, I had even picked out the cutest top to go with them. Just 30 minutes into my shift I look down there was huge stain on my brand new pants, I was so mad!

There are so many different kind of stains that you can acquire throughout the day - blood, iodine, coffee/tea, and sweat... just to name a few.  You spend a lot of time in your scrubs, wouldn't it be nice to extend the life of them? We have come up with a handy household stain removal guide to help care for your scrubs!

  • Vomit Stain: Rinse clean, pretreat with detergent and wash in warm water.
  • Coffee or Tea Stain: Blot the stain, sponge with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts warm water and rinse.
  • Ink Pen Stain: Just soak the affected garment in milk overnight and launder as usual the next day. Don’t have milk in the house? Try alcohol-based hairspray directly on the ink for 30 seconds and then wipe the ink away with a damp cloth.

  • Iodine Stain: Pour Coca Cola on it, let it soak for 3-5 minutes. Run through washer when possible.

  • Chocolate Stain: Remove chocolate stains by soaking the fabric in club soda before washing it.

  • Blood Stain: Fresh blood stains can be removed by soaking and rubbing the stain in cold water before washing. Never use hot water because it cooks the protein making the stain hard to remove.

  • Sweat Stain: Mix 1 tbsp white vinegar in 1/2 cup of water. Pour vinegar mix over the sweat stain.  Sponge solution onto affected area.

  • Feces Stain: Let the garmet dry in the sun to resolve fecal stains.

  • Ointment Stain: Use a knife to scrape excess ointment from the fabric. Sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the stain and rub it in into the stain with your fingertips, covering it completely. Leave the powder on the stain until it absorbs the grease (wait 15-20 minutes depending on stain size.) Then brush the powder off with a soft brush or clean, dry washcloth. Launder it in cold water.

  • Coca-Cola Stain: Put clear shampoo and salt on the stain and let it sit before washing.

  • Oil Based Medication Stains: Absorb grease with baby or talcum powder, or pretreat with detergent and allow to set for 10 minutes before washing.  Use dish soap as alternative to fight grease.

  • Alochol-based Medications Stain: Pretreat with detergent and rinse with cold water before throwing in the washer.  If the stain is stubborn, pretreat a second time!


Do you have any other tips and tricks for taking out stains? We would love to learn from you!


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Shop Clearance + Big Brand Sales + Up To $30 Off!


Shop our clearance sale plus save on Grey's Anatomy Scrubs, NRG Uniforms and Urbane Scrubs. Also get $20 off your order of $129 or more or $30 off your order of $169 or more.

Enter code PF203014 in your cart or click here to activate.

Back To School Sale!

*Online prices reflect discount. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Coupons, clearance and Urbane sales end 8/24/14 and the Grey's/NRG sale ends 8/31/14.

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Back To School With Lydias!

Check out Lydias's Uniforms for all of your back to school needs, and some awesome deals!

I can't believe it is already back to school time again!  Lydias's Uniforms has tons of fun new accessories in our fall catalog that are perfect for back to school.  Here are a few of our favorites.


Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag:  Carry your things in style with the ultimate nursing bag by Nursemates.

Koi Tokidoki Badge Reels: Complete your Koi look with these fabulous retractable ID badge reels. They're a great way to display your ID badge with stylish flair!

Koi Scissors: These cute scissors are sure to complement your outfit perfectly!

Koi Penlight: These cute pen lights will complement any outfit!  Stylish design, LED light, Requires 2 AA batteries (included).

Koi Socks: These Koi socks are a great way to add more style to your step! Made with 72% cotton/26% polyester/2% spandex they are one size fits all

Prestige medical sprague nurse kit is perfectly suited for use by both medical students and healthcare professionals!  *This kit includes: 22" Sprague stethoscope, a full accessory pouch, nylon pocket organizer, medimeter, 5 1/2' Lister Bandage scissor, a three-color chart pen, and a disposable penlight.

Koi Watches: This quartz analog watch features a stylish design, water resistant, silver finish buckle, adjustable strap, bonus watchband, EL backlight - LED, is battery powered (included), and easy to clean.



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New Cherokee Fall Fashion!

I am not ready to ditch my shorts and flip flops for sweaters and boots just yet...but like it or not, fall is just around the corner! Luckily we're here to help you prepare for fall with some fun new print tops from Cherokee Scrubs!

Cherokee is dedicated to bringing fashion, comfort, quality and style to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job!  Cherokee has introduced some fun new prints for fall including the Hoo You Calling Foxy print top and the Everyone Loves A Hero print top.  Check out all of the new tops from Cherokee Scrubs and let us know which is our favorite! 


New Prints from Cherokee Tooniforms :

R2-D2 Top;  Darth Vader Top;  Everyone Loves A Hero TopThe Lion King Top




















New Prints from Cherokee Flexibles:

Hoo You Calling Foxy TopDeft Leopard Top


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Hoo You Calling Foxy Style Board!

The Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles features an owl and fox print that is versatile and fun! Coordinates with black, grey, pewter, shocking pink, pine, turquoise and white.

Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles!

Top - Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles
Pant - WonderWink Four Stretch Knit Waist Scrub Pant in BLACK
Hammer - Prestige Medical Taylor Percussion Hammer in STEALTH
ID Clip - Prestige Medical Retractable Id Clip in BLACK
Thermometer - Prestige Medical Digital Thermometer in OCEAN
Pen Light - Nurse Mates Click-on Pocket Lite in GREEN
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Clinical I Stethoscope in PACIFIC
Shoes - Dansko Sketch Patent Professional Clog

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Easy Fit: Wink's Most Flattering Fit Yet

All of us here at Lydia’s have been pretty fidgety since word got out of a new collection coming for our JUST ARRIVED: Fall 2014 Collection! release. It’s been almost a year since WonderWink Scrubs has released a new collection. That’s right, you heard it, a new collection from your favorite winking smile. It’s called Easy Fit, and we have no doubt that you will easily fall in love. I’m sure we all can agree that Wink never fails to provide the right cut, the perfect fit, and the best fabric…and Easy Fit is no different.

So let’s discuss the reasons why we are so anxious and excited to get the word out about Easy Fit. There’s princess seams, gathered mock wraps, and double-ply crossover waistbands. Who wouldn’t be thrilled over these figure flattering lines that compliment natural body curves? (Nobody we know!) These Missy Fit scrubs are comfortable while still giving off that professional vibe; it’s the tailored fit without the cling. Wink has achieved this relaxed fit with the use of a stretch fabric that is silky and sleek and requires minimal care. We’re talking no ironing here, folks! Did we mention lots of pockets and bright punchy colors that should put any medical professional in a good mood. You are just as eager as we are about WonderWink’s newest line of scrubs now, right?
Lydia’s Suggestion: start off with the Bright Coral, and then of course add in all the other colors once you realized how such a true fit flatters so easily.

WonderWink Easy Fit Nursing Scrubs Collection!

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New Skechers Shoes!

Lydia's Uniforms is now carrying the Skechers Brand Go Walk and Go Run lines! Designed with innovative Skechers performance technologies and materials, these shoes are built top to bottom specifically for being on your feet for long periods of time! 


I have had my eye on these Skechers shoes lines of shoes for awhile now.  I was so excited to find out that we would be carrying them in our Fall 2014 Catalog, I couldn't wait to check them out!  These shoes are so comfortable, they are like walking on air! The inserts are really lightweight too. Skechers shoes have a snug fit and roomier forefront section made of stretch materials which reduces friction for added comfort. The GoWalk shoes have a smooth fabric lining that almost feel seamless when wearing the shoes without socks. It's integrated OrthoLite anti-microbial sockliner helps ward off unwanted odor, even when you walk in the shoes for your entire day.

Share with us, which if your favorite?


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JUST ARRIVED: Fall 2014 Collection!

NEW Fall 2014 Medical Uniform and Nursing Shoes!


JUST ARRIVED: Fall 2014 Collection!

We are excited to introduce these new collections and brands: Koi Sapphire Scrubs, Skechers Shoes, Saucony Shoes and Merrell Shoes.

Also check out new items from some of your favorite brands including Cherokee Scrubs, Dansko Clogs, Dickies Uniforms, Koi Scrubs, WonderWink Scrubs and MORE!

Click here to view all new Medical Uniforms and Nursing Shoes!

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Hot Dazie Style Board!

The Hot Dazie Shirred V-Neck Scrub Top by White Cross Scrubs is a fast way to brighten anyones day! Coordinates with daffodil, fuchsia, punchie pink, tangerine, espresso, royal, island green and heavenly blue.

Hot Dazie by White Cross Scrubs Style Board!

Top - Hot Dazie Shirred V-Neck Scrub Top by White Cross
Pant - White Cross Allure Yoga Waist Scrub Pant in ISLAND GREEN
Watch - Prestige Medical Cyber Gel Scrub Watch in PINK
Scissors - Prestige Medical 5.5 Inch Utility Shears in KIWI
Tote Bag - Nurse Mates Top 10 Reasons Nurses Rock Scoop Tote
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Traditional Sprague Stethoscope in HOT PINK
Sphygmomanometer - Prestige Medical Adult Nylon Sphygmomanometer in PASSION
Shoes - Dansko Oiled Professional Clog in ANTIQUE BROWN

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DEAL ALERT: Shop Your Fav Dickies Brands At 20% Off!

Get 20% Off Dickies Medical Uniforms, with scrub prices as low as $10.39! Click here to view this sale.

Dickies Medical Uniforms on SALE!

*Get 20% off select Dickies scrubs plus free standard shipping on your order of $99 or more. Enter code FREESHIP in your cart. Online prices reflect discount. Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Sale ends 7/13/14 at midnight EST.

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Bubble Personality Style Board!

The Bubble Personality Top by Cherokee Flexibles has a whimsical, colorful pattern. It coordinates with teal, celadon, eggplant, white, and khaki.

Bubble Personality Top by Cherokee Flexibles

Top - Cherokee Flexibles Bubble Personality Scrub Top
Pant - Cherokee Authentic Drawstring Scrub Pant in TEAL
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope in PURPLE
Thermometer - Prestige Medical Digital Thermometer in KIWI
Pen Light - Prestige Medical Standard Disposable Penlight in PURPLE
Scissors - Prestige Medical EMT Utility Scissor in PURPLE
Badge Reel - Prestige Medical Retractable Id Clip in PURPLE
Tote Bag - Messenger Bag in LIME
Shoes - Nursing Shoes - Rocky 4Eur Sole 3-In-1 Shoe in PEWTER PATENT

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Twirl Pink Style Board!

The Twirl Pink Scrub Top by Bio Scrubs geometric shapes are fun and colorful! It coordinates with azalea, red, black, white, purple and orange.

Twirl Pink by Bio Scrubs Style Board!

Top - Twirl Pink Scrub Top
Pant - Lydia's Select Pull-on Cargo Scrub Pant in BLACK
Badge Reel - Avalou Sunburst Crystal Badge Reel in FUCHSIA
Scissors - Prestige Medical 5 1/2" Premium Fluoride Scissor in PURPLE
Pen Light - Prestige Medical Disposable Pearlescent Penlight in AMETHYST
Watch - Prestige Medical Cyber Gel Scrub Watch in PURPLE
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Clinical I Stethoscope in HOT PINK
Shoes - Akesso Helia Slip-On Shoe in BLACK/PINK

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Featured Product Review: "These are my absolute favorite scrubs...."

IguanaMed Scrubs!IguanaMed Scrubs: Medical professionals have a lot on their hands all day long. That’s why IguanaMed scrubs are designed with functionality in mind. Every feature of our apparel has a purpose – to do something for you. Spacious pockets offer plenty of storage. Durable MedFlex fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the demands of your day.  Hip adjusters allows you to adjust waist size whether it’s before or after lunch.  IguanaMed apparel provides functionality that is unparalleled by the average scrub.

BONUS: IguanaMed Scrubs SALE is going on Now! Shop at 25% off, click here.

The IguanaMed Classic Scrub Top features two lower hip pockets with pen slot and velcro closure, one chest pocket with velcro closure and ID badge loop, contrasting back neckline, bartacks, and IguanaMed embroidery on chest pocket, is made with 63.5% polyester/33.5% cotton/3% spandex and is 27 1/4" long.

Here is a review from our customer Lisa in Parma, Ohio:

Item true to size, washes up great, long lasting.

The IguanaMed Classic Bootcut Scrub Pant features a drawstring and elastic waist, bootcut styling, two side hem pockets, with internal change and cell phone pockets, a roomy back pocket, is made with 63.5% polyester/33.5% cotton/3% spandex and has a 30" inseam.

Here is a review from our customer Caitlin in CT:

Long Lengths!

These are my absolute favorite scrubs. I wanted to try Iguanamed scrubs for soo long and I could never find a long length. This is the only place I have ever found them. I wear them all the time and most people don't even realize they're scrubs. I have scrubs in almost every brand and these are by far the most comfortable. I'll definitely be buying them in every color.

*Get 25% off select IguanaMed scrubs. Online prices reflect discount. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. IguanaMed sale ends 6/15/14 at midnight EST.

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Happy To Know You Style Board!

The Happy To Know You Round Neck Scrub Top by Dickies Uniforms is a sure way to cheer up everyone you see! It coordinates with black, grey, pewter, red and white.

Scrubs - Dickies 100% Cotton Happy To Know You Round Neck Scrub Top

Top - Dickies 100% Cotton Happy To Know You Round Neck Scrub Top
Pant - Wonderwink Four Stretch Sporty Cargo Scrub Pant in BLACK
Lanyard - Boojee Beads Lanyard in ELEGANCE
Watch - Prestige Medical Sport Mate Scrub Watch in BLACK
Hat - Youtility Happy To Know You Youtility Scrub Hat
Badge Reel - Prestige Medical Retractable Id Clip in BLACK
Stethoscope - Ultrascope in SMILE FACE YELLOW
Shoes - Anywear Exact Clog in NEON YELLOW

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