If The Dress Fits

It’s my favorite time of the year - Halloween!  With the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing color, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING around us, it’s hard to not get into the Halloween Spirit.  So, why not bring it to work?  This spooky scrub top by White Swan would be the perfect way to add some Halloween fun to your work attire.

Top - White Swan 100% Cotton If The Dress Fits Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Pants - White Cross Allure Yoga Waist Scrub Pant

Shoes - Koi by Sanita Vegan Diva Purple Clog

Badge Reel - Avalou Sunburst Crystal Badge Reel - Silver Night

Watch - Prestige Medical Cyber Gel Scrub Watch






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Here and Meow

The Here and Meow Scrub Top by Dickies Uniforms is a fun yet professional print top; plus it's on sale!
It coordinates with Black, Turquoise, Pewter, White and Kiwi. 

Top - Dickies Gen Flex Here and Meow Scrub Top 
Under Shirt - White Cross Long Sleeve Tee
Pant - Dickies Youtility 9 Pocket Scrub Pant In Dark Pewter Pant
Watch - Nurse Mates Sparkle Dot Watch
Lanyard - Prestige Medical Swivel Lanyard in Black Lanyard
Shoes - Saucony Sapphire Blue/Navy/Citron Shoe
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Traditional Sprague Stethoscope

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Mother's Day! Last Minute Gift Ideas

#1 Gaiam Reversible Yoga Matt - $35

Yoga Mat

An awesome gift for those moms who are active, or looking to become more active! It's still early in the year and some of those New Years Resolutions are still going strong! Gaiam has excellent Yoga mats that mom will love, and plenty of accessories to go with them!


#2 Soapstone Ice Cream Bowls - $22


Soapstone is used primarily in construction materials for countertops and tiling.  It is extremely durable, beautiful, and it will not stain.  Soapstone adds a very rustic feel and is most commonly seen in countries like Brazil.  These beautiful bowls will make an excellent accent piece for the dinner table, or they can be used directly for things like ice cream! (Who doesn't like ice cream?)


# 3 Cherokee Flexibles Pro V-Neck Scrub Top - $25

Scrub Top

Of course who would we be if we didn't throw in this little gem, available on our website.  For moms in the healthcare field, this Cherokee Flexibles V-Neck scrub top is an excellent option! Available in 14 colors, and made with elastic side panels that allow for maximum comfort and movement, we are pretty confident saying that this is an excellent mothers day option!


# 4 Waterford® Robert Mondavi 28-Ounce Cabernet Sauvignon Pair (Set of 2) - $50

Wine Glass

This one doesn't need a whole lot of explaining. Moms love wine. Everybody loves wine. Lets just get that obvious one out of the way right now. But on top of that, mom will appreciate having nice glasses to sip wine from after work. (Especially if she is a nurse!) Wine glasses are an excellent universal gift, and as long as you keep it classy, you can't really go wrong here.


# 5 Living Wall Planter Kit - $110

Living Wall

Okay, this one is cool. Well.....they're all cool. But this one is unique. It is a garden that goes on your wall.......in a picture frame! It's like a living picture. The plants are held in by a chicken-wire mesh, and it couldn't be more beautiful! It comes with a slightly hefty price tag, and since it is a made-to-order item, it probably isn't the best option for those of you who forgot this year and are currently scrambling to find a gift. However, if unique and memorable is what you are going for, this is it! (And for the former, it probably wouldn't make a bad "Seriously mom I am SO SORRY" gift either. Good luck out there.)


# 6 Yankee Candle Large Jar Candles (Beach Holiday Pictured) - $28

Yanke Candle has awesome candle selections, and usually they have a store nearby (usually in the mall).  We chose to feature Beach Holiday because.......well.......beach season IS coming up soon, so who doesn't want a little dash of summer?!  While there are multiple candle styles available, we love the large jar candles.
Tea Pot
I personally am a HUGE tea drinker. With all of my running and healthy living, coffee has just never been an option for me.  Tea has been my saving grace, and it always calms me down either before, or after a stressful day.  A good teapot is essential for making awesome tea, and Teavana is the best in the business.  This cast iron teapot comes in a beautiful purple (although there are many others on their site if purple isnt your style).  And while you are there to buy the teapot, you should seriously check out their huge selection of teas as well.
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Selfie Motivation, Some of The Greatest Selfies of All Time

This week is Nurses Week! And we have some awesome things in store! But between the giveaways and sales and all that jazz, one of our favorites here at Lydia's is the selfie contest! We love seeing how creative everyone gets, and we love to see everyone rocking their scrubs! (Plus we also love giving out the final prize at the end of course).  So, in honor of the selfie contest, we have compiled some of our favorite selfies from around the world as a sort of........motivational (some of them demotivational, but still funny) collection to get you started on your selfie journey! While some of these selfies are ridiculously dangerous, (that is our way of saying PLEASE DO NOT RECREATE THESE) they are incredibly entertaining, and hopefully they inspire you as much as they inspire us! Except the guy on the tricycle.......don't do that........you will see what we mean.


Where do you even go for something like this to happen!?!?


At least the shark is smiling. Which means he's happy! Which means he probably just found a free meal. Nevermind. This is terrifying no matter how you spin it.


Again, we recommend not recreating any of these selfies for our contest. Mostly because a volcano would damage your scrubs!


This selfie is equal parts terrifying, equal parts amazing!

Roller Coaster

If you fail: you lose your phone. If you succeed: You get an amazing selfie like this one!

Baby Selfie

Babies have to take selfies too!


Not only does this guy have some AWESOME pokemon stuffed animals, but apparently he also sleeps standing up!


This warrants a huge NO on so many levels. From the land of NOPE.

Human Dog

Creepy and cute at the same time, but also creative. We are conflicted on how to feel about this one.


Up until this point, the warnings to not recreate these have been serious. But now they are SUPER SERIOUS. Why would you ever want to do this?! Oh yeah, for the awesome selfie results....


Some people have their priorities just a little bit backwards. This guy is one of those people.

Daredevil 2

How............how do you even get up there?! And why do you even get up there?!


If you have the means to get into space and take a selfie, then you deserve our first place prize. And we would also like to shake your hand.


Unfortunately for this fellow, he picked the most bloodthirsty squirrel in the forest to take a selfie with.


Who, What, When, Where, and Why are not enough to give us the information we need to understand what's going on here.

Marky Mark

"Don't you guys just hate it when you are trying to take a selfie and Marky Mark photobombs you?" - Said Nobody Ever


So get out there and selfie away! Like us on Facebook to keep up with our contests and giveaways, and submit your best selfies to our wall by 5/12/15 to have a chance to win our top prize! Good luck!

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Caring For Your Nursing Shoes

While shoes aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think about their nurses, shoes still remain a hugely important aspect of your workwear!  When you spend more than 8 hours on your feet caring for patients all day, you will be very happy that you chose a correct, quality shoe to keep you going.  But with all of the wear and tear that our shoes go through, how can we keep them in tip-top shape? Many fall victim to poor shoe care methods and even wear their shoes out faster in an attempt to care for them.  With a quality pair of shoes costing a pretty penny, (worth it, but it’s hard to ignore a lighter wallet) why would you NOT want to extend the life of your kicks?!  Not only will you look better, but you will also feel better. Shoes that maintain their higher quality will help alleviate the pains of a long day of running around the hospital.

Click here to view our large selection of Medical Shoes and Nursing Clogs!

Medical Shoes and Nursing Clogs Care

We have some awesome tips to help you keep your shoes in top form for longer!  Here are the top 5 tips for keeping your shoes at their best, so that you can do the same:

#1: Clean Your Shoes

Don’t throw your shoes in the washing machine.  This will just wear them out even further. Yes they will be clean when they come out, but at what expense?  Your shoes get tossed around all day, the last thing they deserve is to be tossed around some more in the washing machine.  Hand wash and polish your shoes. Not only will this help to keep dirt off of them, but it will also maintain the quality of the materials and fabrics they are made of.

#2:  Waterproof Spray

One of the biggest hazards in the life of a shoe is water.  Water is not only uncomfortable for the wearer; it is also uncomfortable for the shoe.  Water can contribute to shoe odor, and warp and discolor the materials.  Waterproof your shoes with a waterproof spray.  This will not only help your shoe, but it will also help you.  Because nobody likes squishy socks.

#3:  Clean the inside

Shoes that look good on the outside are still ugly if they have no soul (sorry I had to do it).  Seriously though, clean the inside of your shoes.  It will help you alleviate any odor that may be lingering, and it will help your shoes maintain form.  Letting your shoes dry out before putting them away is another small tip that will help you extend the life of your shoes.

#4:  Use an Insert

Shoe inserts are not only good for you, preventing strains and other stress related injuries to the feet and lower leg, they are also good for your shoes.  Inserts help keep wear and tear at bay (at least for a little while).

#5:  Water and Vinegar

If you live in a place where you deal with snow regularly, you know the struggles of salt stains on your shoes (and everything else for that matter).  A solution of water and white vinegar will get those nasty salt stains right out of your shoes if you apply it soon enough.  Salt is bound to get into the hospital in the Winter, and when it does, your shoes will suffer. But they don’t have to, and if you are following tip #1 and #3, then this should be an easy tip to implement.

We carry all of your favorite Nursing Shoes brands like Dansko, Skechers, Saucony, Merrell, Nurse Mates, Sanita, and many more here!


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Saucony Shoes Built to Last

Nurses are on their feet ALL day which is why it is imperative they have a great pair of shoes. They not only need a comfortable shoe but they also need one that will hold up to the beating they are going to be put through walking the floor every 12 hour shift. 

I’ve been an avid runner since I started running cross-country back in middle school; so I know a thing or two about needing a great pair of shoes. For me personally my Saucony tennis shoes are just that. I’ve had the same pair of shoes for a couple of years and they still look and feel amazing. So when I heard Lydia’s was going to start carrying more from the Saucony brand I couldn’t have been more excited. Now we have 6 different styles with more coming (shhhh I never said that). 

Of all the Saucony shoes we carry my top 2 are the Lancer and the Kinvara 5

The Lancer is a light stability shoe with lots of cushioning to keep as comfortable as possible. They also have a breathable mesh fabric on the upper wrap to keep your feet cool. This is actually me in my Lancer's below. :) 

The second kind are the Kinvara 5. This shoe is not only award-winning it’s honestly like a little piece of heaven. The Kinvara 5 features a new mesh upper wrap that offers a snug fit, along with optimal flexibility and durability. Saucony did an amazing job adding in all the features you want in a nursing shoe without adding in all the weight of a clog. 

The thing is you can buy any brand of shoe and get by but these are tried and true in the nursing profession. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap pair at a department store and end up spending more in the long run replacing your shoes every few months. Do yourself and your feet a favor and check out our Saucony brand. Lydia's offers free shipping and easy returns to keep the process as simple and quick as possible.

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Lydia's Holiday Gift Ideas for Nurses

Stumped on what to get that special nurse or medical professional this season?

We are here to help, click here to view our accessories collection (or share it so you can drop someone a hint or two)!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Nurses!

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Survival Tips For Night Shift Nurses

Do you always dread working night shifts? I'm sure some nurses would love to have normal working hours if given the chance... but night shifts are a huge part of the medical community!

If you’re a night shift nurse, don’t fret!  With the right planning and strategy, you can deal with all the stresses that come with working night shifts like a total pro. Here are some tips you might want to follow:

1.) Take a break:

When we say take a break we don't mean you should gorge on food and drink tons of coffee; try taking a quick nap or a few minutes of body stretching. You can listen to a calming music or just stare at a relaxing view. A 20 – 30 minute break is enough to power you up for the remaining half of your shift.

2.) Bring a positive attitude to work:  Graveyard shifts can sometimes be cruel especially if you are not able to sleep well during the day. Instead of complaining that you can’t join your friends for a night out, you can always choose to find the brighter side of your work. Smile and always think that you’re saving the world! Well, not literally, but you are actually helping people everyday!

3.) Exercise:  Don’t take your body for granted. Workout, do yoga or meditate for a few minutes before going to work. These stress-busting activities will definitely fire you up and awaken your senses. You can workout at any given time of the day, and being assigned on a night shift is not a valid reason why you can’t sweat out.

4.) Eat healthy:  Ok so this might sound a little like your mom nagging you, but this is very true! Eating the right meal and snacks can help your body adjust to the evening routine and cope well with stress. Shift your eating habit, which means you eat breakfast in the afternoon, lunch at midnight and dinner in the morning. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and limit your caffeine intake!

5.) Get plenty of sleep:  You should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.  When you get home from work, don't go to sleep immediately.  Relax for a little while, watch TV or do housework.  Your body will tell you when you're ready to sleep, and you'll probably sleep more relaxed.  If you find it difficult to do, take a warm bath, cover your windows with thick curtains and make sure your room is sound proof. A well-rested body is vital for a productive night at work!

6.) Find ways to be productive during lean hours:  A night shift can be full of dull moments and this can make for a very long night. To get rid of the monotony, find some productive things to do such as closely interacting with your patients or covering as many tasks as possible for the nurses in the morning shift.

7.) Prepare for your shift:  Give yourself time to pack a meal and snacks. It is tempting when fatigue sets in to go to the vending machines for a sugary snack to boost your energy. Not only will you crash later, you sabotage your performance and metabolism for long term consequences.

8.) Monitor your health: Always make sure to stay on top of your health!  Making sure to schedule regular appointments with your doctor can help you avoid some illnesses that are associated with working at night.  If you feel like you are getting sick, make sure to stay on top of it!

9.) Wear dark sunglasses when leaving from work: It sounds silly, but Sunlight has the ability to reset your body to its normal daytime cycle. Wear sunglasses to minimize eye exposure to the sun and help you sleep well throughout the day.

10.) Always find time for your family: Family is important!  Devote your day off with your spouse, kids or siblings. Make it a point to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. Show up on a weekend night out with friends or surprise your family with a hearty dinner. These simple acts of kindness will keep you motivated to go back to work each night.

What tips would you add to this list?






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Add A Splash Of Personality To Your Work Day!

We all want to be able to look great in and out of work! Medical uniforms have certainly evolved over the years - Today there are so many options to spruce up your uniforms!  

Are you curious how to make your uniform stand out at work?  Even if your company has a dress code, there are still ways you can add a splash of personality into your everyday work uniforms! Here are a few ideas...

Wear Bright Colors or Designs
A lot of times, when you think of scrubs you may think of the basic white or blue scrubs, but there are so many other options! For women, there are crew neck warm up jackets, fashionable scrub pants, trendy white lab coats and fun designs and animal prints. For men, there are cargo drawstring pants, sporty v-neck scrub tops and warm-up jackets.

You no longer need to walk around wearing a plain stethoscope or drab surgical caps - Check out all of Lydia's fun accessories you can add to your dress code!

Shoes for Comfort AND Style
Over the past few years, nursing shoes have come a long way in the fashion AND comfort department!  As someone in the medical profession, you are constantly on your feet and it is important to invest in a pair of shoes that will be comfortable but not sacrifice fashion!  If you’re a woman and looking to bring out your inner fashionista, wear flexible clogs with animal prints or trendy tennis shoes. If you’re a male, you might choose a shoe with more of a sporty look.

People in the medical profession today are faced with many challenges on a daily basis, why not add a little fun to your day by tossing on a sparkly stethoscope or wearing trendy shoes? Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference in your day.

What are ways you bring flair to your uniform? Share your ideas in our comment section below or on our Facebook page!


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Dickies Everyday Scrubs: Have you heard of the changes?

Dickies scrubs have been a long time favorite among nurses and doctors.  Did you know The Dickies Everyday line was improved on within the last year?  Improving the overall feel of the scrubs by adding new softer material, more pockets and  by coming up with a more flattering fit, the new Everyday line is one you want to check out! Along with this new and improved fabric, you will also now be able to mix and match your favorite Dickies Everyday scrubs with your favorite Cherokee Workwear scrubs!! 

Today is the last day to get 25% off select Dickies Everyday Scrubs and FREE SHIPPING on your order of $125 or more. Use code SHIP125 in your cart. View the sale here!  Online prices reflect discount. Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the continental U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Sale ends at midnight 10/19/14.

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It's Pediatric Nurses Week - Time for a GIVEAWAY!

Join us on Facebook, we are giving away one of our ULTIMATE NURSING BAGS (valued at $37.99)! Tons of pockets and compartments - perfect for any medical professional on the go. Click here to enter!


We will randomly select an entrant on Friday, 10/10/2014. Be sure to check our Facebook to see if you have been selected. GOOD LUCK!

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Back To School With Lydias!

Check out Lydias's Uniforms for all of your back to school needs, and some awesome deals!

I can't believe it is already back to school time again!  Lydias's Uniforms has tons of fun new accessories in our fall catalog that are perfect for back to school.  Here are a few of our favorites.


Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag:  Carry your things in style with the ultimate nursing bag by Nursemates.

Koi Tokidoki Badge Reels: Complete your Koi look with these fabulous retractable ID badge reels. They're a great way to display your ID badge with stylish flair!

Koi Scissors: These cute scissors are sure to complement your outfit perfectly!

Koi Penlight: These cute pen lights will complement any outfit!  Stylish design, LED light, Requires 2 AA batteries (included).

Koi Socks: These Koi socks are a great way to add more style to your step! Made with 72% cotton/26% polyester/2% spandex they are one size fits all

Prestige medical sprague nurse kit is perfectly suited for use by both medical students and healthcare professionals!  *This kit includes: 22" Sprague stethoscope, a full accessory pouch, nylon pocket organizer, medimeter, 5 1/2' Lister Bandage scissor, a three-color chart pen, and a disposable penlight.

Koi Watches: This quartz analog watch features a stylish design, water resistant, silver finish buckle, adjustable strap, bonus watchband, EL backlight - LED, is battery powered (included), and easy to clean.



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DEAL ALERT: 20% Off Landau Scrubs!

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get 20% off Landau Nursing Scrubs! With items as low as $10.99! Click here to view this sale.

Also, get free shipping on your order of $125 or more! Enter code SHIP125 in your cart to activate.

Landau Medical Uniforms & Scrubs On SALE!

*Get 20% off select Landau scrubs plus free standard shipping on your order of $125 or more. Enter code SHIP125 in your cart. Online prices reflect discount. Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the continental U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Sale ends 8/10/14 at midnight EST.


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Hoo You Calling Foxy Style Board!

The Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles features an owl and fox print that is versatile and fun! Coordinates with black, grey, pewter, shocking pink, pine, turquoise and white.

Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles!

Top - Hoo You Calling Foxy Scrub Top by Cherokee Flexibles
Pant - WonderWink Four Stretch Knit Waist Scrub Pant in BLACK
Hammer - Prestige Medical Taylor Percussion Hammer in STEALTH
ID Clip - Prestige Medical Retractable Id Clip in BLACK
Thermometer - Prestige Medical Digital Thermometer in OCEAN
Pen Light - Nurse Mates Click-on Pocket Lite in GREEN
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Clinical I Stethoscope in PACIFIC
Shoes - Dansko Sketch Patent Professional Clog

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Lydia's Top Picks from our Fall 2014 Catalog!

The new colors and prints in our Fall 2014 Collection are proving to be very popular!  Although it is tough to choose a favorite, I've asked some of our staff to do just that.


Chrystal (Web Customer Support Clerk) I really like the new Koi Scrubs Sapphire Line! It's really soft and silky, plus the colors are really pretty!  I love the new print top.


Lori (Merchandising/Executive Assistant) I love the new Skechers Go Run3 shoes!  I love how lightweight and flexible they are, plus the colors are so bright and fun.


Rose (Special Accounts Representative)  I love the new Dickies top Give Hope top because it stands for breast cancer awareness and that is such a great cause!

Dickies Youtility Give Hope Scrub Top

Caresse (Contact Center Representative) I love the Saucony shoes!  They are so different than the normal nursing clogs, and there are so many bright colors.


Heather (Special Accounts Representative)  I love the new Koi Stretch Laney top!  The colors are great for fall and the fabric is awesome.


Lucia (Customer Service/Sales Manager) I like the new Dankso Shannon Clog!  It is sharp but still comfortable and the tassel is stylish.


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DEAL ALERT: 20% Off Med Couture Scrubs!

Our Med Couture Sale is here! Get 20% off select Med Couture Nursing Scrubs + FREE Shipping on order of $125 or more.

Use code SHIP125 for free standard shipping or click here to activate.

Med Couture Scrubs are on SALE now!

*Online prices reflect discount. Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the continental U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Sale ends 8/3/14 at midnight EST.

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Hot Dazie Style Board!

The Hot Dazie Shirred V-Neck Scrub Top by White Cross Scrubs is a fast way to brighten anyones day! Coordinates with daffodil, fuchsia, punchie pink, tangerine, espresso, royal, island green and heavenly blue.

Hot Dazie by White Cross Scrubs Style Board!

Top - Hot Dazie Shirred V-Neck Scrub Top by White Cross
Pant - White Cross Allure Yoga Waist Scrub Pant in ISLAND GREEN
Watch - Prestige Medical Cyber Gel Scrub Watch in PINK
Scissors - Prestige Medical 5.5 Inch Utility Shears in KIWI
Tote Bag - Nurse Mates Top 10 Reasons Nurses Rock Scoop Tote
Stethoscope - Prestige Medical Traditional Sprague Stethoscope in HOT PINK
Sphygmomanometer - Prestige Medical Adult Nylon Sphygmomanometer in PASSION
Shoes - Dansko Oiled Professional Clog in ANTIQUE BROWN

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JUST ARRIVED: Fall 2014 Collection!

NEW Fall 2014 Medical Uniform and Nursing Shoes!


JUST ARRIVED: Fall 2014 Collection!

We are excited to introduce these new collections and brands: Koi Sapphire Scrubs, Skechers Shoes, Saucony Shoes and Merrell Shoes.

Also check out new items from some of your favorite brands including Cherokee Scrubs, Dansko Clogs, Dickies Uniforms, Koi Scrubs, WonderWink Scrubs and MORE!

Click here to view all new Medical Uniforms and Nursing Shoes!

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Celebrate with FREE SHIPPING!

Get FREE SHIPPING on your order Nursing Scrubs order of $25 or more!

Enter code PFJULY14 in your cart or click here to activate.

FREE Shipping on your order of $25 or more!

*Shipping promotions apply to standard shipping within the U.S. only. Offers are not applicable on previous orders and cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Ends 7/6/14 at midnight EST.

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NEW Koi Sapphire line is here!

Koi Nursing Scrubs: "Koi is a clothing company with a simple mission ~ to create scrubs that people love to wear. We incorporate the latest trends into our products. We don't believe in sacrificing comfort for style when you can have both."

I had the opportunity to head back to merchandising and check out the new line from Koi Scrubs called Koi Sapphire and I have to say that these scrubs are AMAZING!   Koi Sapphire Scrubs combine the details we’ve come to expect from Koi and adding to it a silky soft, 4-way stretch fabric.  The fabric of these scrubs feels incredible, and is even more amazing once you try them on!  I loved the flattering fit of these scrubs and all the attention to detail.

            Top: Koi Sapphire Mara Scrub Top     Pant: Koi Sapphire Alicia Scrub Pant 


But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of our staff had to say about this new line!

Debbie (Call Center Team Lead): “I really like these!! They are so soft and comfortable. They have the perfect amount of stretch too!”

Lori (Merchandising/Executive Assistant): "I love the feel and flexibility of this new line. They are truly a soft scrub with so much movement. This is defiantly a scrub that I would love to wear all day long. I have always been a fan of Koi scrubs and now even more so!  

Katelyn (Special Sales Representative): “These are really, really soft! These tops are not a regular scrub top! Can I just wear these all day?”

Lindsay (Contact Center Representative): “These feel so comfy! I really like the relaxed look & feel to them. Lots of big pockets too!”




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