The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Uniforms can be good, uniforms can be bad and uniforms can be downright ugly. After putting some serious thought into it I decided that medical scrubs fall into the good uniform category. Now I know you might be thinking that my opinion is biased and of course I would think scrubs are good, but hear me out on this one. 

Before working at Lydia’s I spent four long years working in a restaurant and wearing a uniform that easily falls into the category of ugly. Think non-fitted, faux denim button down shirt, accompanied by a pair of unflattering khaki pants, topped off by a men’s tie. If the scratchy fake denim shirt didn’t send that outfit straight into the ugly category, then accessorizing it with a men’s tie certainly did. And that’s not really the worst part about this uniform. The worst, most obnoxious thing about this uniform is that it was replaced with a much more flattering uniform the exact same week that I put in my two weeks notice.

Prior to that I had a job which required me to wear a blue polo with black pants. Alright, there’s nothing horrible about that, right? Wrong. The shirt was only available in sizes that were twice the width and length of any normal shirt I would wear. Trying to tuck it in, as was required, resulted in me trying to shove yards of fabric into the waist of my pants. Needless to say this was not a good look or feel, and that is why this uniform falls into the bad category.

On the contrary to my old uniforms, medical scrubs come in a variety of colors and prints and there are more and more stylish medical scrubs each season. Although some of you may not get to choose the scrubs that you wear, you do get the reassurance that at the very least your medical clothing uniforms will be comfortable. For those of you that do get to choose, you’re lucky. Designer medical scrubs from brands like Koi, Urbane and Katherine Heigl follow all the latest fashion trends and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Your options are endless.

Bearing all this info in mind, you have to believe me when I say I browse through the racks of Barco Medical Scrubs, Landau Scrubs or stylish medical scrubs by Katherine Heigl with a slight feeling of envy. I would be elated to wear any uniform that was a nice color and didn’t feel like cardboard, not to mention any uniform with a pretty pattern, shape or fashion forward style. So for all those reasons, I feel completely justified placing medical scrubs in the category of good uniforms, even if I am biased.

Plus, as long as your uniform consists of scrubs, you can be reassured that you’ll never have to dress like this (unless you want to):

To see uniforms that fit into the good category, including restaurant uniforms, check out our sister company Uniform Warehouse. Or of course you can head to  Lydia's Uniforms. And please feel free to comment and share any stories that you have about the uniforms you wore before you wore scrubs.

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