Mother’s Day! Last Minute Gift Ideas

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#1 Gaiam Reversible Yoga Matt – $35

An awesome gift for those moms who are active, or looking to become more active! It’s still early in the year and some of those New Years Resolutions are still going strong! Gaiam has excellent Yoga mats that mom will love, and plenty of accessories to go with them!

#2 Soapstone Ice Cream Bowls – $22

Soapstone is used primarily in construction materials for countertops and tiling. It is extremely durable, beautiful, and it will not stain. Soapstone adds a very rustic feel and is most commonly seen in countries like Brazil. These beautiful bowls will make an excellent accent piece for the dinner table, or they can be used directly for things like ice cream! (Who doesn’t like ice cream?)

# 3 Cherokee Flexibles Pro V-Neck Scrub Top – $25

Of course who would we be if we didn’t throw in this little gem, available on our website. For moms in the healthcare field, this Cherokee Flexibles V-Neck scrub top is an excellent option! Available in 14 colors, and made with elastic side panels that allow for maximum comfort and movement, we are pretty confident saying that this is an excellent mothers day option!

# 4 Waterford® Robert Mondavi 28-Ounce Cabernet Sauvignon Pair (Set of 2) – $50

This one doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. Moms love wine. Everybody loves wine. Lets just get that obvious one out of the way right now. But on top of that, mom will appreciate having nice glasses to sip wine from after work. (Especially if she is a nurse!) Wine glasses are an excellent universal gift, and as long as you keep it classy, you can’t really go wrong here.

# 5 Living Wall Planter Kit – $110

Okay, this one is cool. Well…..they’re all cool. But this one is unique. It is a garden that goes on your wall…….in a picture frame! It’s like a living picture. The plants are held in by a chicken-wire mesh, and it couldn’t be more beautiful! It comes with a slightly hefty price tag, and since it is a made-to-order item, it probably isn’t the best option for those of you who forgot this year and are currently scrambling to find a gift. However, if unique and memorable is what you are going for, this is it! (And for the former, it probably wouldn’t make a bad “Seriously mom I am SO SORRY” gift either. Good luck out there.)

# 6 Yankee Candle Large Jar Candles (Beach Holiday Pictured) – $28

Yanke Candle has awesome candle selections, and usually they have a store nearby (usually in the mall). We chose to feature Beach Holiday because…….well…….beach season IS coming up soon, so who doesn’t want a little dash of summer?! While there are multiple candle styles available, we love the large jar candles.

# 7 Teavana Purple Abundance Cast Iron Teapot – $150

I personally am a HUGE tea drinker. With all of my running and healthy living, coffee has just never been an option for me. Tea has been my saving grace, and it always calms me down either before, or after a stressful day. A good teapot is essential for making awesome tea, and Teavana is the best in the business. This cast iron teapot comes in a beautiful purple (although there are many others on their site if purple isnt your style). And while you are there to buy the teapot, you should seriously check out their huge selection of teas as well.

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