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The Ask Liza series on the blog is back for its second week and today I have a question from a reader regarding dress codes.

Q. I’m in charge of creating a dress code for the clinic that I work at. What recommendations do you have for where to look or how to get started??

A. Thanks for the question. I’ll try to give you a few suggestions that will make this an easy task and hopefully the result will be a professional new look for your workplace.

To get started, I think you should browse through our Lydia’s Direct Look Book. This mini catalog is made for groups and each page offers ideas on how to coordinate different medical uniforms, colors and prints. Plus, we included a variety of brands and options in the look book since we know that dress code regulations vary from place to place. So start here and see what you think. It’s a great place for inspiration- even if you don’t see an exact look that you want; I bet it will still spark some ideas.  

Second, I would recommend browsing through our collection of Cherokee Authentic Workwear scrubs. When it comes to groups, these medical scrubs are our best sellers and with good reason. They come in 32 different colors and there is an enormous selection of basics (prints and solids) for men and women. If you decide to go with Cherokee Authentic Workwear for your clinic it could be as simple as choosing one style and one color for everyone or choosing one color and then allowing employees to pick the style of scrubs that works best for them; you can even find prints that coordinate perfectly with the solid color that you choose. Below is one example of coordinating Cherokee Authentic prints and solids.

I hope that these suggestions get you started as you create a new dress code for your workplace. And if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you have your own questions about uniforms? Send them this way and I’ll post my answers next Monday, here on the blog.

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